black rite obsidian kings
  • Potent, high strength, elite spells. Cast at ancient places of power, as midnight strikes, to get the job done fast!
  • Top-flight, pedal-to-the-metal spells, bringing unparalleled levels of energy to the table.
  • Often used when other spellcasters have failed you.
  • Elite spells are best used for extremely difficult situations – or where ultimate power is critical.

Elite Spells

black rite obsidian kings Black Rite Of The 7 Obsidian Kings – Ultimate Power – 5 Spellcasting Requests - Mission Critical - Hardcore Rootwork - Gets Results FastFIVE REQUESTS For when an issue you’re facing is at critical point… Read More
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solstice pool ritual The Solstice Pool Ritual: June 21st – Ancient Ice Age Powers Evoked At Mysterious “Devil’s Punchbowl” Crater – Beast-Man Rises In Enormously Powerful Ceremony To Harness Primal Energy - Ultimate prosperity, protection, health, spiritual harmony, and more… Whatever your request it can be accommodated with this incredibly powerful summer… Read More
ultimate Love Machine - Servitor Doll Working Ultimate Love Machine – Servitor Doll Working - High end power love ritual - harnesses arcane energy from the etheric plane - makes the one you desire unable… Read More