xtreme curse removal

Fantastically powerful Xtreme Curse Removal Spell.

Uses a kinetically-charged Black Obsidian Wand

Calls upon the mighty voodoo lwa Zaka

Rids you of the baleful effects of a curse and evil spells – including break up spells.

Built in protection to stop any further bad work impacting you.

PLUS: return to sender – give the perpetrator a dose of their own medicine.

The spell’s efficacy is so pronounced, it will break even he most evil curses that have been laid upon you. For example, if the curse involved a legion of damned spirits from Hell being unleashed upon you, this Xtreme Curse Removal Spell will send them shrieking back down into the fires of the Devil’s realm… NEVER to return.

If your life has been blighted by a voodoo or black magick curse, you will at last be freed from the terrible darkness that has been gnawing into your soul for far too long.

With the curse removed, a huge weight have have been lifted from your shoulders and you will feel vibrant and full of life and optimism again. In short, you will once more feel happiness and joy. You will be psychically cleansed and healed, and free to live your life once again…

“Thank you so much for extreme voodoo curse removal spell, I feel so much better already, and I’ve only just received it, I know that evil curse put on my by that bad woman is going to be lifted for good.” Miriam, Kent, England.

“I’d given up hope for ever getting rid of the curse that has blighted my life, stopped me getting good jobs, holding down a relationship and just feeling happy in my life. You have saved me Doktor Snake, you have brought me out of hell, I’m sooooo grateful.” Jolie, Melborne, Australia.

“This xtreme voodoo curse removal has cleansed my life of the evil put on me years ago by a family member. I didn’t believe at first, but I sure as hell do now!” Jay, Tennessee, USA.

“It really did work.. I don’t know how. But it made all the difference to my life.” Lux, New York, USA.

What I do

I leave an obsidian crystal wand overnight in the grounds of the 1,000-year-old cathedral in the old town of Bury St. Edmunds, about twenty miles from where I’m currently living. It is a place of power built on the site of an ancient temple to the old gods. The obsidian crystal soaks up numinous energy, which is very strong at this location. This energy will provide powerful psychic unfettering and will heal you from the baleful effects of the curse, along with putting your situation to rights in general.

After picking up the obsidian crystal the following morning, I create a small earthen effigy dedicated to the tremendously powerful voodoo lwa Zaka, the agriculture god, who with the due respect bestowed on him during this ritual, will willingly eradicate the evil curse that has been laid upon you. Attracted by the dark shimmering hues of the obsidian crystal, Zaka will also infuse his beneficial powers of nature and the wild woods into it. These will both heal you and protect you from all evil.

Alongside all this, I create three “lightning strike” hex papers, drawn in pen and ink, which will fire the baleful work right back to sender.

You’ve got two options with this one: “Leave it to the experts” where we keep the items on our shrine; or have them shipped to you. (Both are equally effective).

Xtreme Curse Removal Spell

Cost: $750 (on shrine). $770 (shipped).

(Both options are equally effective).

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Keep on shrine or shipped? (shipped incurs postal costs)


ON SHRINE EDITION: We take care of it all. We set the ritual date. Then conduct the spell working and email you a PDF with details of what we did, how it went, and what you do next.

SHIPPED EDITION: If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within five working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes seven to ten working days – for the rest of the world ten to fourteen days.