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Doktor Snake Drops Everything To Remedy Your Case…

An Emergency Working is for when an issue you’re facing is at critical point and there’s no time to wait.

You can’t see a solution. You don’t know where to turn.

The situation is desperate. There’s not a second to lose. Something has to be done – and right now!

In which case, Dark Angel and I can pull out the stops. Drop what we’re doing and get on the case.

What we do is this…

After sunset, Dark Angel and I go into a visionary trance, which takes us onto the etheric plane where we work with spirits and other entities.

All the ritual work is done in this formative realm – the etheric – which is a high-effective method of getting things done fast.

We will be able to stabilize a situation. It’s no easy task. We work on the weaving strands that lie behind an issue. The place beyond the physical plane, where everything is in a state of being formed.

Often we begin our journey in a location that is partly in the real world, and partly on the etheric plane. We typically go into trance and arrive at an old British stately home with ornate gardens and woods.

We then enter a temple…

This was built in Ancient Greek style, which are quite common at old mansions dating back to the 18th century and before.

From here, we enter an almost hallucinogenic realm of weaving strands of light and glittering orbs.

It’s pretty dangerous for us, but we have ways of dealing with any nefarious forces that try to attack us.

It’s here that we invoke the spirit forces we need to help us in our quest,

We can then restructure the energies surrounding your case.

What happens next?

Once done, we return to the everyday world. And soon afterwards we let you know the working has been done, along with letting you know what you need to do next.

As I say, this stabilizes a situation. It may well be all you need. But if your issues are not fully resolved we may need to do further work utilizing ritual artifacts (such as a Vudu Box working) and formulas which we send out to you.

Order Your Emergency Working Now

When you order you will be directed to a questionnaire to submit your details and to state your requirement.

Only $500.00. (Delivered via email).

We perform the Emergency Working for you within 48 hours of your order (or sooner). We then email you to let you know how it all went and to give you advice on what you can do next.