Evil Eye: Just One Look Can Kill You

Beware the Evil Eye – at best it will destroy your luck, at worst it can put you six foot under…

A young woman I know called Kate came to me saying she’d had an explosive row with a friend. “Oh god, she took off,” she said. “And I hadn’t done anything. But if looks could kill, I’d have died right there.”

I stopped her and said, “You need to be careful in case she put the evil eye on you.”

“What!?” said Kate.

“I’m talking about spiritual poisoning,” I replied. “Some people have got the curse of the evil eye. They don’t even know it most of the time. But when they get mad and turn their stare on you they can kill you outright, stone dead. I’ve seen it happen.”

I went on to explain that the Evil Eye can’t touch a voodoo man or the spiritually strong. But if you’ve got any weakness the evil eye can take you down. At best, you get a long run of bad luck.

“Oh my god,” said Kate. “How will I know if my friend’s got the evil eye, I mean I’m not dead…but I don’t want a run of bad luck.”

“You’re fine,” I said. “Not many people have the full power of the evil eye. But a lot of people have a degree of it, and with one look of hate or strong emotion, they can jinx you… sometimes for years. But don’t you worry, we’ll fix up a spiritual cleansing tonight, wash off any evil you have on you.”

So that’s what we did. And Kate was protected and any negativity was removed.

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