exorcism services


Onsite or virtual exorcisms conducted after initial consultation and in-depth analysis of your case.

  • Are you or one of your loved ones being harassed and tormented by a demon or evil spirit?
  • Are you being visited at night by an incubus or succubus?
  • Are you plagued by strange, unexplained paranormal phenomena and believe this is down to a non-human entity?

If so, Dark Angel and I can exorcise the malign entity and remove it from your life, once and for all.

Recognize that this is an extensive process. We first conduct an initial consultation with you to get an understanding of your case. From there we do an in-depth analysis of your situation, looking into everything that is going on, including assessing the psychological elements that may be involved.

Christian & Secular

Our exorcism services are unique because we operate from both a Christian and non-belief perspective.

  • Having grown up in the American South, where the Pentecostal Church is prevalent, my colleague Dark Angel favors a predominantly Christian approach, including intoning her rites in Latin, the language demons traditionally respond to.
  • Whereas I operate from the standpoint of non-belief. I treat non-human entities as equals and don’t admonish them in any way. I negotiate with them like a businessman and offer terms, which they typically accept and a deal is sealed that suits both parties.

Our exorcism services bring help and solace to people who are suffering genuine torment. Our approach to clients is caring and empathetic. We recognize that our clients’ lives have been thrown into havoc and turmoil due to an entity that has possessed them or a loved one.

Mary from the USA says the following about our exorcism services:

“People don’t realize these things are real. Dark Angel in particular was a very great comfort to me, and still is. Both of them dealt with the demon that was making my life unbearable.”

Book An Exorcism Now

We offer virtual exorcisms via Zoom – the latter having become the norm since the 2020 pandemic situation. In fact, so long as we’ve done our initial extensive analysis of your case, virtual exorcism works just as well as in-person exorcisms.

Cost: $500