Face It… We’ve All Got Blood On Our Hands

blood on our hands war

The squeamish need to wise up. War and oppressive foreign policy is a key factor in what keeps a nation’s economy vibrant. It’s an unpalatable truth. But imperialism is still alive and well, albeit in sanitized form.

The fact is, whether they like it or not, the whining, bleeding heart liberals, along with everybody else, benefit from war and the oppression of smaller nations. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. Just that human nature is predatory and this is reflected on a geopolitical level too. So even if you’re horrified at civilian casualties ( or “collateral damage”) in Middle Eastern countries, or anywhere else Western forces are deployed to, well, you benefit from it, one way or another.

You might say, none of this is in my name. But that’s purely squeamishness. You’re happy to have a smartphone where many of the components are built by people in sweatshops earning a pittance. You are happy to enjoy the luxuries of life at their expense. So why not accept that war and oppression keeps you in the lap of luxury too?

Perhaps it’s time to wake up and be a devil – and recognize that your comfortable lifestyle is based on human predation, but on a geopolitical level. And the truth is, the armed forces do the dirty work for you – often losing their lives so you can benefit. And those politicians that take our countries to war have to live with their decisions. It can’t be easy. And if you were a prime minister or president you’d be well aware that a certain amount of your soldiers will be killed, not to mention civilian casualties. I doubt if all leaders are true psychopaths (though more than a few are); they simply do what they have to do to keep economies afloat and to dominate smaller nations to keep or gain control of their resources – things like oil, copper, and cadmium.

It’s a geopolitical game of chess. Any decision could go badly wrong. Most civilians, or ordinary people, wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of being a leader. Yet they moan about politicians as if they could do better themselves. Give the average person power and they wouldn’t last a day. Even after ten minutes they’d probably have a mental breakdown when they realize the truth about war and oppressing lesser nations.

And if we take the UK, the truth is, while services like the NHS and education, social security, and so on, don’t derive direct money from war and oppression, they do indirectly. If we didn’t exploit smaller nations and their peoples, Britain would begin to crumble economically. You’d have to pay for the NHS directly – it’d have to be privatized. And social security would be non-existent. The next thing there’d be rioting on the streets with people demanding more money, which wouldn’t be there. The structure of our society would soon return to being medieval or worse.

So like it or not, everybody in this nation – and other Western nations – has blood on their hands. And just as much blood as Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Mr. Trump, and so on. Certainly the rich benefit most from war and oppression, but there is a trickle-down effect that benefits less well-off.

Naturally, even I would prefer a peaceful world where war didn’t exist and nobody was oppressed. But the truth is, us humans are predators – even lions and tigers might steer clear of us if they had the same level of consciousness as us, and could weigh us up.

And like I say, our predatory nature is mirrored on a geopolitical level. Nations vie with each other for power and dominance, and this is often bloody, and countless innocent people die. They are the pawns of the geopolitical game, and they are dispensable. And so are you and I. So if you are of a squeamish liberal disposition you might do well to wise up. Your ideologies of peace and harmony aren’t likely to pan out. Your best bet is to gain as much power and wealth as you can, and join the 1% or ruling elite. But that’s not easy to accomplish.

Admittedly a wildcard might appear one day that changes everything. This could be new technology like replicator boxes that can create anything you want out of atoms from water, soil or dust. Replicator machines would provide abundance for all; and there would no longer be any need for money. The problem is, you might have some fanatics, usually of the religious variety, who will make devastating weapons with replicator technology and wipe out all those who don’t agree with them and don’t follow their creed.

So yet again, we’re back with humans being predatory and pretty crazy. If replicators create a paradise on earth, you’d get a few lunatics who don’t like it. And BOOM! That’s it, we’re at war again.

Actually, I should stop here as I’m wondering if this article might be a bit depressing. It doesn’t bother me for some reason. Perhaps I’m like the philosopher Spinozo who laid the human condition down in grim detail, but he was actually a happy chappy, and not one bit depressive. Like me, he was quite content with it all. He accepted human nature for what it is, and just had a bit of fun and got on with things.

But the leftists, and all the other whining liberals, can’t seem to do this. I suppose they wish to reform human nature and make it loving and kind. The only way to do that is to embed technology in all the populace to make them docile – much like depicted in Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World. Everybody is controlled, save for the ruling elite or inteligensia, who, of course, know what’s best for people, and reap all the rewards.

Some think the ruling elite are already doing this. Personally, I think the ruling elite are too busy fighting each other. After all, they’re only human like the rest of us, so it’s likely their predatory instincts are to the fore, and thus are focused on competing with other wealthy factions to gain dominance.

Come to think of it, I still haven’t arrived at anything cheery to say. Well, maybe I’ll end by saying, predatory or not, the best thing us humans can do is have a bit of fun, enjoy ourselves come what may. And drop your ideologies, especially if they’re leftist – they’re just a road to being miserable. The best thing is to accept what we are as humans and make the best of it. In fact, working with reality is more likely to arrive at real change in the world.

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