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With the current situation in the world, everything is up in the air. We don’t know what’s coming next…

That’s why we’re offering you a FREE Spiritual Consultation Session with Dark Angel and I. A THIRTY MINUTE CALL with you to make sure all is good and to help you out with advice and guidance.

We normally charge $60 for consultation sessions. But we want to open this up for a limited time and help as many people as we can – not to mention bringing inspiration and lifting your spirits.

NOTE: This is a FREE Spiritual Consultation. Doktor Snake may or may not do a reading for you during the call. If you’d like a reading go to our Spiritual Advisory + Reading page.

We discuss how Vudu formulas and workings can help sort out a given situation or issue. We go into which formula will be best for you and how it can be directed at what you’ve got going on.

We also look at practical measures you can take to put things right. And at how you can use your mind (mind power) to make your life great across the board.

If you’d like a FREE 30 Minute Spiritual Consultation with Dark Angel and I, fill out the form below and we’ll book you in.

We call you using the Telegram app, which you can get here. Telegram is 100% private and beats other apps. Join the Doktor Snake Telegram Channel and get two FREE ebooks (in the “pinned messages” at the top). We can do regular phone calls, but only to the USA).

Our Time Zone is Central Daylight Time (CDT). Simply book the date/day you’d like. We’ll email you back to sort out a convenient time.