Galdor Manikins: Magick Drawn From The Lands Of Ice & Fire

Galdor Doll

Sigil-worked clay manikins loaded with magickal power to bring the results you need…

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This is old Northern Tradition magick, with roots in Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Icelandic bloodlines – Doktor Snake and Dark Angel’s ancestors. It gets the job done, big time, and can be purposed to all needs.

If you’re in a fix, it’s going to help you out. If your need is desperate, it will take the edge off the situation. If you need empowerment, that’s what you’ll get. If it involves matters of the heart, this can be put right (if your wish is righteous). If it’s about pecuniary matters (money/gambling/stocks, etc), then you’ll gain the edge.

Galdor is the old name for a special type of magick, conscious rather than shamanic, pro-active, and rooted in the old runic scripts of the Northern lands. It incorporates sigils of power and poetic chants from the elder tongue.

How it works

With the nocturnal gloom illuminated by old Edwardian oil lamps, Doc and Dark Angel pour over their black books to create the Galdor formula necessary to charge your manikin effigy with numinous energy to bring the results you are looking for.

Once they’ve done that, the two magickians head to a lonely hillside overlooking a desolate, windswept coastline in the wilds of Eastern England – a place of ancient magick, littered with “tumuli” (bronze age burial mounds) and replete with the raw power of nature.

Here they load your Galdor manikin with undulating energy, whispering their secret mystery-song as they ink the sigils of power onto the body of the manikin. (With Galdor rituals, there is no intervention by gods or demons, the items are imbued with numinous energy by Doc and Dark Angel).

Then comes the “blooding”…

Long ago, medieval and ancient northern magickians sprinkled blood on their talismans (this is where the term “to bless” originates), but no longer is it needed, nor is it wished, to sacrifice the beasts of the land or air. Instead, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel use a specially prepared herbal tincture created by Dark Angel from wild herbs, which she harvests during specific lunar phases and times of the year.

Consider getting a Galdor Manikin if your need is dire.

NOTE: After you order you will be emailed a questionnaire for you to supply your details and to outline the results you require from the spellworking.


Sigil-worked clay manikins loaded with magickal power.

(Note: You might find that there small cracks in your doll. This is normal. It’s not broken. It’s what happens with natural clay).

Cost $675.00. P&P included in price.


We perform the ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how we performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on what to do next.