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satans way to riches

The Satanic view of money is this: it’s all in the mind. Getting money is down to your mental attitude. Cash won’t come to you as a divine gift from heaven or from God (both of which are delusional mental constructs). Nor will it come via such childish concepts as “cosmic ordering” so beloved by nincompoop celebrities whose sole aim is to take your money by preaching such nonsense.

No. The Satanic way is the harsh way. Uncluttered by idiotic fantasies. It involves taking a cold look at yourself and making rationality your best friend. You have to analyze your whole being – that is your mind, instincts and emotions – under the stark light of realism.

The fact is, most people shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to making money. There are various reasons for this. One is self-delusion. They kid themselves that doing what they love will sell, and eventually make them rich. It might be arts and crafts. And they may well be talented. But insisting on doing what you love won’t sell unless there’s a market for it. With a large investment you might create a new market for your talents; but you will most likely lose your investment, not to mention your shirt. The hard fact is, people won’t open their wallets unless you’re meeting their needs and wants. If you’re a fool, you’ll tell yourself that people are “uncultured” and therefore are unable to appreciate your talents. And you’ll become bitter, not to mention poor.

This brings us to the second reason people self-sabotage their money making efforts. They typically blame others or their situation for their poverty. It could be that their parents didn’t love them, or that they grew up in a deprived neighborhood, or that they had some traumatic experience in childhood. Essentially all they’re doing is giving themselves reasons why they’ll never be rich.

Big mistake. It’s assuredly not the Devil’s way. And it won’t land you in the money.

The fact is, there’s nobody else to blame other than yourself. Why? Because money is all in the mind. Get your mental processes right and you’ll find that cash starts coming your way – sooner or later.

How much is up to you. Being comfortable is a lot better than being poor. And being rich is far better than being comfortable. But it’s your choice. The main thing is to be happy.

The Devil’s Creed advocates the following:

Train yourself to use your mind, not let it use you. Put another way, you need to drive the car, not allow it to drive you.

Like it or not, money is of paramount importance in our world. We need it both to live and to survive. Any cash beyond that is the icing on the cake, allowing us to enjoy life and not have to worry about paying our bills.

Getting rich with Satan – or the Devil’s way to riches – involves a high level of self-discipline. You eschew self-delusion. You do not fantasize your day away, dreaming of making money. You do it. You get on with it. And you monitor the numbers. This means you operate from statistics. Whatever approach sells best, you put your time into that. In the initial stages you look for existing markets, and analyze them to see what the potential profitability is. At every stage, you assess the numbers – and never, ever let fantasy or self-delusion be your decision-maker. Only the numbers.

That said, you can use fantasy productively and to your advantage. By that I mean you can use black magic to strengthen your mind and to open up your subconscious mind to financial opportunities. For example, you could go to a “place of power” like a stone circle, graveyard, crossroads or a hillside. Basically anywhere that has atmosphere and inspires you. You might take with you a fountain pen and some nice antique paper, and write a petition to Satan to aid you in you money making endeavors.

Naturally, write your petition as a respectful request to an equal. Once you’re done you can bury the petition or you could burn it (if you do the latter, don’t forget take a lighter with you). If and when money starts to come, you could always leave some of it as an offering to Satan. Perhaps put it in a nice wooden box and bury it, along with a letter of thanks.

The details of it are up to you. Use your imagination. Black magic of this nature is basically psychodrama, and upholds the following maxim: “The more you believe the better it works.” And if you enjoy such things, it’s well worth the effort. 

But going back to blaming others for your lack of financial resources…

It’s of vital importance you don’t do that. You must avoid blaming your childhood, your environment or any other feeble excuse for your plight. You must stand strong and believe in yourself. Even if somebody diddles you, or cons you out of money, well, you could put the blame on them. Most people would. But that’s the general populace, the masses, most of whom are poor. Therefore it’s still better to look at yourself and how it was you were open to being conned in the first place (though that doesn’t mean you forgive the person that diddled you).

Blaming yourself in this way will strengthen your mind and will ensure it doesn’t happen again. The bottom line is: blaming others for your misfortunes stops you from moving forwards. And not least, it is stark evidence that you are weak and will never make money.

So the Devil’s way to riches involves being 100% objective about everything. Do NOT let emotion or feeling cloud your judgement. The winners only work on hard facts and evidence. And where you don’t have the full facts, you work on what you’ve got – until you gain further information.

Make rationality your best friend. But, equally, don’t forget to let a little “poetry” into your life, such as the black magic petition I mentioned earlier. When you add poetry and aesthetics to the mix, it brings a welcome element of chaos. And you need that for creativity.

In the end, getting rich with Satan, is a mix of many elements. It’s a dark alchemist’s cauldron of the mind. Use it well and get rich.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    How then does something work if you lost everything completely. or if you never had anything at all to begin with. I tried and tried. Now I am trying to develop these spiritual processes. and unleash my inner power psychology.


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