Graveyard work – Conducting Conjuration in the Cemetery

Graveyard work is a very secretive, but extremely powerful way to conduct conjuration. It involves going to a cemetery to call on the spirits to help you in matters of the heart, money, luck or personal power.

Although it might sound dark and scary, graveyard work is actually an old tradition that can be traced back through the Vudu of the American South to ancestral worship in Africa.

The practice is still common today. Voodoo and hoodoo workers tend to see it as the “TNT” of magic. It is seen as the best way to get things done!

There are two key things to remember when doing graveyard work:

  1. You must leave an offering to the spirits, such as flowers or coins, when your job is done.
  2. To avoid looking back when you exit the graveyard – otherwise the spirits might catch your gaze and follow you home.

Choosing a graveyard…

The most important thing is to be respectful. Going to a busy modern cemetery is fine if you’re calling on your late grandmother to help you in matters of love. After all, she was your relative, so no one is going to complain.

But if you’re asking for assistance from a deceased stranger – say a business magnate for a money spell – then it’s wise to go to a disused graveyard, perhaps one dating back to the Victorian era.

Graveyard work is a solitary form of magic….

So the less populated the cemetery the better. The secret is to avoid drawing attention to yourself. If you recite an incantation, murmur it under your breath, or simply say it in your head.

If the cemetery is totally deserted, then of course you are free to burn candles, incense or anything else you feel would add to the working.

Best times to cast graveyard spells…

As with other forms of casting spells, timing can be crucial to the success of a graveyard working. Midnight is traditionally one of the most powerful times to do graveyard work. Not just for hexing and cursing, and other black work, but for attracting wealth and money, and even love and romance.

That said, going to a graveyard at midnight isn’t crucial. There’s a good argument for doing a love spell before noon, for example. The day would be waxing, which would be symbolic of love growing.

And a spell to banish depression or anxiety would work well during the late afternoon as it would represent negative emotions slowly ebbing away.

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