Gris Gris Ritual – Spiritual Cleansing – Aura Purification – Black Magic & Negativity Removal – Bad Spirits Exorcised

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Keeps the devil down in the hole, allowing you to walk in the light of goodness and righteousness.

Ritual conducted on your behalf + MP3 positivity audio

Have you been hit with black magic?

Have you been hexed?

Is your life on a downward spiral?

Are you surrounded by negative energy?

If so, this Gris Gris Ritual will cleanse you spiritually and will purify your aura, along with removing any evil work that has been done against you. It calls upon powerful spirits and energy forms to remove all evil, negative forces and dark magic.

It will deflect hexes and curses and the baleful impact of the evil eye. If a bad spiritual worker has laid bad work on you, it will bounce right off you.

The Gris Gris Ritual is also a highly effective form of aura purification, which will rid you of negative energies and evil forces. Your well-being and happiness will be restored, along with your luck (which often goes bad when you’re been hit with bad work).

It will turn things around and restore good fortune. Many clients say they feel their vitality and optimism have come back. Often they say it feels like they’ve been “reborn.”

My old magical mentor Earl Marlowe, featured in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, said of the Gris Gris:

“Gris Gris is the science of the backwoods and shanty towns. It’s the primal force of wanga. It’s hell-rooster healing hoodoo on steroids that will wipe out even the most terrible evil that has been turned on you.”

What People Say

  • “Doc, your gris-gris ritual is sure powerful, those unlucky spirits gone now, took their evil ways with them. I feel healed and good again.” Sam (Texas, USA)
  • “She’s finished, she aint’ do nothin bad to me again, that gris-gris protect me.” Martha (South Carolina, USA)
  • “Doc, your Gris-Gris Ritual cleared the evil and my luck is back with me again.” Janice (London, UK)
  • “Doktor Snake, your spiritual cleansing gris-gris took away all that terrible negativity that was surrounding me, stopping me having a life, now I feel great!” Elroy (Atlanta, USA)

HOW IT WORKS: Depending on your case, we create a Gris Gris, which includes roots and powders, and a manikin doll and old British sixpence (to restore your luck). Also included is your petition and request, which we write as a formal letter (along with arcane sigils) on marbled paper using a fountain pen. When dealing with powerful spirits and forces it is always oportune to stick with traditional etiquette.

Drawing on the accumulated knowledge in our magic books (grimoires), Dark Angel and I calculate the most auspicious day and time for your ritual according to lunar and solar alignments.

bronze age mound

At the culmination of the rite, we recite incantations in “unknown tongues” (language of the subconscious) to summon powerful spirits. Under the shadows cast by a solitary, towering Yew tree, we petition them to remove and nullify all the evil that has been surrounding you.

We then bury the Gris Gris, which is cast to the under-realm, and becomes a living, breathing artifact of power – one which will turn the tide and restore your well-being.

  • After you purchase you will be sent a link to your spellworking questionnaire where you can fill out your request and personal details, along with any supporting information about your case. Within three to five days, we’ll send you your ritual date.
  • Once the ritual has been conducted we’ll send you an email letter with details about the ritual we conducted, how it went, and what you do next.

INCLUDES: Doktor Snake’s Positivity MP3 Audio for your empowerment (you relax and listen and it will do it’s work).

Gris-Gris Ritual + Positivity MP3 Audio

Spiritual Cleansing – Aura Purification – Black Magic & Negativity Removal – Bad Spirits Exorcised.

Cost: $500 USD.


NOTE: If the need arises, all spellworkings include one FREE recast within a period of six months. After that, you may need to renew the energies with a new spellworking.