Healing Spell – Chi Power – Healing Ray Servitor – Distance Energy Working

healing ray servitor

Boosts body/mind life force (Chi) and vitality.
Revitalizes your internal energy centers – and inspirational core.
Summons luminous orbs (energetic intelligences) during visionary trance ritual on the etheric plane.
Distance healing, delivered virtually.

NOTE: Due to these modern secular times, the Healing Ray should be viewed as complementary therapy – an adjunct to conventional medicine and consulting a medical doctor.

If modern medicine has proved wanting, and your condition hasn’t improved, or is just being maintained, it could be your life force (Chi) is at a low ebb or blocked in some way.

The magicians of the ancient world knew that healing depends on a vibrant life force – which in more modern times was rediscovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich, who called this force “orgone”.

In past times life force has been known by various names including Chi and Qi and Prana. Indeed, the ancient Chinese healers and magicians would channel and direct such energies via the landscape and visionary work on the etheric plane. This practice was known as Feng Shui, and is still utilized today.

In the West, a similar system was used long ago, and was strongly connected to the “serpent lines” on the landscape, which connected sacred sites.

healing crystals

What tied ancient cultures together was the knowledge that there is a life force and that this can be harnessed to bring healing to both individuals and to entire cultures. This was all about maintaining an equilibrium between two diverse forces commonly known as Yin and Yang, and also as Chaos and Order.

The idea is to bring these two opposing forces into balance, which is what our Healing Spell is designed to do.

How it works

With Dark Angel in Mississipi, connected via cyber networks, we go into visionary trance to create your Healing Ray Servitor on the etheric plane. This involves sculpting arcane sigils, which are found on ancient standing stones and monuments, to fashion the servitor out of the shimmering bio-electro particles that make up the etheric realm.

Charging this etheric servitor with the energy you need involves us summoning luminous orbs, which are intelligences that inhabit our earth with us, but exist mostly on the etheric plane. These orbs are commonly what people are seeing in UFO sightings. They are shapeshifters and can take on many forms.

Communing with these luminous orbs, Dark Angel and I petition them to charge your Healing Ray Servitor with life force energy, which will help you balance your body/mind system to find the relief you need.

Healing Ray Servitor

Virtual working (leave it to the experts) delivered via email.

Cost: $750.00. No Shipping Fees.