Healing Ray Spell


Distance energy working (delivered virtually). Boosts body/mind life force and vitality. Revitalizes your internal energy centers.

To bring you healing and empowerment, I go into meditative trance via “entoptic vision” and travel the astral realm, the place of formations where positive changes can be made on your energetic level. If you have a negative miasma surrounding you, especially in your subtle body (causing you sickness or sapping you of vitality), this can be removed and “earthed”.

I can also strengthen your subtle body, or body of light, and create a psychic shield around you, keeping out detrimental energies and malign attachments.

PLUS: After I have cast the Healing Ray Spell on your behalf, I send you an MP3 teaching you various psychic techniques you can use to optimize both your physical and psychic/mind health.

How it works

Once I’ve gone into trance and entered the astral, I invariably find myself on a lonesome plain, with a few trees and rocks dotting the semi-twilight terrain. Eventually I arrive at my destination – a stone circle, which I enter and stand at its center beside the altar stone.

astral plane twilight landscape standing stones

Here I make a psychic connection to you and balance the conflicting “out-of-sync” energies that are impacting your subtle body. Or I set about removing any malign attachments that have latched on to you. Both ways around I construct a psychic shield to prevent any further intrusions into you energetic fields, along with keeping your vital centers in balance.

PSI workings of this nature are profoundly powerful. Many of my clients commission me to fire up Healing Ray workings on a regular basis – if only for “good measure” to ensure their energy centers are in balance, and to keep a psychic shield around them to deflect potential intrusions.

Healing Ray Spell

PLUS: MP3 “PSI Power For Healing” audio.

Cost: $750.00.


After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.

NOTE: Due to these modern secular times, the Healing Ray Spell should be viewed as complementary therapy – an adjunct to conventional medicine and consulting a medical doctor.