Hex Doll: “Looks Good For A Man About To Die” – Hellbane Curse To Take A Guy Out (Read At Your Peril)

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Dark Angel had no other choice but to go to war – the guy was an evil lowlife, a threat to decent society, so she hit him with the most terrifying, soul-rending hex doll imaginable.

Last night we were on a video call as usual. Separated by the Covid Crisis. 5,000 apart. But this job had to be done. Even the kindest, most peace-loving people sometimes have to become militant.

And Dark Angel and I are very similar in that respect. For us, we don’t court conflict. We avoid it. What’s the damn point? You might as well enjoy life and be happy. Who wants to live like a contestant on the Jerry Springer Show?

Not us.

But when conflict comes to you, it’s a different story. Dark Angel and I always the situation through; and if the person merits it, then we go to war. No holds barred. Maximum hell. Ruthless. Somebody wants trouble; they get it.

Bam! Boom! All-out Nuke!

Thus last night Dark Angel was constructing a hex doll (you can see some of the creation process in the photos above). But recognize she is one of the most caring, decent and upstanding people I know. There’s no way on this earth she would do such a thing lightly.

That’s why I was 100% behind her on this. I too can’t see the point in getting all het up about minor slights done to you by people who are typically unable to control the “rearing horse” of their emotions.


But in this case, the guy in question needed taking out. Teaching the ultimate lesson. And so Dark Angel and I spent a few hours last night fixing up an all out hellbane curse to finish this guy off, one way or another.

Dark Angel used clay from the ground, moss, hemlock and deadly nightshade, and had also managed to get some personal belongings by stealth. So the doll would be fully loaded and primed to hit its target head on.

Equally, though, the whole process was a work of art. It was sculpture. Even better, it had the look of Edvard Munch’s unnerving painting The Scream. Rather appropriate I felt.

the scream
The Scream

To me that’s what cursing should be about. It should have artistry and go beyond base emotions of anger and rage. Though one would include them in the charging ritual in order to breathe unstoppable energy into your hex doll.

Because of this, Dark Angel and I had a fun evening – well, afternoon for her, as we’re about six hours apart now, due to the Covid meltdown. We were like two sculptors creating a work of art. And that’s how it should be.

In fact, we were channeling our mutual ancestors from the long lost lands of Hyperborea, the ancient kings of a forgotten world, a strange subconscious civilization that could levitate large and weighty rocks to make stone circles and other structures that generated forgotten energies that we know nothing of now – save for perhaps Nikola Tesla, who undoubtedly latched onto these technologies from the ancient past.

Anyway, once Dark Angel’s hex doll was created, she laid the baleful clay artifact in the sun to dry. Then looked at it and said:

“He looks good for a man about to die…”

I couldn’t argue with that.

But this is only the first part of the story.

Later on today we’ll hook up again to finish the job.Dark Angel will do the necessary ritual to activate the terrifying curse. While I’ll simply create a back up servitor (thoughform/eregore) and take it out to one of the sacred places I go to for magickal work – an old oak in the middle of a field out in the countryside about ten miles from me. We usually do our sorcery in sync – timing it precisely, and connecting to each other via the ether.


The culmination of Dark Angel’s hellbane curse came to fruition last week. It wasn’t pretty. As Dark Angel says, “There’s always a price to pay.”

The magick worked.

No, the guy in question didn’t meet a sticky end. But he was removed from the picture. Rightly so.

The “price to pay” was a string of somewhat disturbing events, which I don’t see as connected at all. But many, and no doubt Dark Angel, would connect the dots.

I would say, never do that as it will drive you mad. And if you study probability theory, your eyes will open about apparently connected events.

But in the case of the results from the above hex, a lot of emotion was involved. So I understand why what I see as unrelated incidents were connected.

Of course, one might connect events for art – like writing a screenplay for a movie.

But is real life like a film?

Rarely. Coincidences happen as mapped out by probability theory.

But do they have meaning?

Only the meaning you give to them yourself…

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