Hoodoo Jar: Shrunken Head Hex Work

hoodoo jar

Rootwork formula to bind an enemy and throw the evil right back at them…

  • Have you been done badly wrong?
  • Do you have an enemy that wishes you ill will or worse?
  • Is somebody interfering with your relationship?
  • Or has some miscreant laid a hex on you or jinxed you?

If so, it’s time they got their just desserts. A taste of their own medicine.

This is where our Hoodoo Jar comes in. It binds them from doing further wrongs against you and others. And all-out curses them, wreaks vengeance on their sorry ass. Their luck will dry up and nothing will go right for them.

We put a shrunken head in a jar…

The head represents the person you wish to bind or curse.

It puts a stop to their evil ways or it hits them back big time.

We conduct the ritual in an old, disused graveyard, calling on the spirits to aid us in dealing with your enemy, either stopping them in their tracks or unleashing a hellbane hex on them.

With this one you don’t have to get your hands dirty. All you do is send us details of the person you want bound or hexed. Or if you have them, photos or personal concerns.

Otherwise, we do the work this end.

But we do email you to let you know when it’s all been done and give you the lowdown on the ritual we conducted. Plus we give you a simple meditative ritual you can do to clear all the negativity you have suffered from your adversary.

NOTE: One person bound or hexed per Hoodoo Jar.

Hoodoo Jar

Binds & Curses An Enemy.

Only $500.00 (THIS ONE IS LEFT TO THE EXPERTS) “We take out the trash for you”