Why The Illuminati, New World Order, And Global Governance Is A Good Thing – Conspiracy Theorists Are No More Than Neo Luddites Who Need To Shut The Hell Up – One World Government, Bring It On…

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The Order of the Illuminati was a secret revolutionary society founded by university professor Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in the 18th century. The organization sought to destroy monarchies, the Church, and the ownership of private property – and create a social utopia where everybody was equal and free love was a human birthright.

Conspiracy theorists insist the Illuminati is still active today, sparking wars, civil disorder and revolutions, all with the aim of establishing a one-world government.

But what’s so wrong with that?

Conspiracy theorists are pit-bull rabid that the Illuminati (if it really does still exist) is a malevolent organization. But if we accept that the order did continue up to the present day (unlikely), it could be looked at in a very different light.

It is more than possible that the elite classes of the world (allegedly senior members of the Illuminati) are merely seeking to create a better world, much like the original precepts laid down when the order was founded in the 18th century. The Illuminati and ruling elites recognize that humans are inherently flawed, with deeply violent and aggressive tendencies, not to mention a sheer lack of objectivity and clear thinking.

All this would account for the endless wars that we see, along with the lower classes fighting in pubs and bars for no rational reason, and typically for no gain. One could say the same about religious disputes that lead to conflict. There is no rational reason for it, save that the blinkered masses believe in God, a being there is no evidence for whatsoever.

This aberrant aggressive behavior is due to a lack of ability to control emotions and inherent animalistic instincts, along with superstitious thinking and a total inability to self-observe and analyze thoughts and feelings. Plus no notion of how to construct thoughts in a logical manner.

Make no mistake the biggest problem in the world today is the masses, the general public, who mostly operate irrationally and need to be controlled and “herded” and “nudged” into better behavior. The fact is they won’t do this on their own. They are incapable. Thus if the Illuminati actually does still exist, it has no other choice than to manipulate the vast majority of the world population to keep some semblance of order.

Ultimately, of course, the Illuminati will be looking to breed out humanity’s negative traits with genetic engineering. It has little choice but to take on the role of “God” and intervene in our continued evolution.

In the long run, or possibly sooner, the powers-that-be, the Illuminati, will likely decide that a certain level of culling of the global population is in order. They’ll no doubt do this slowly so it isn’t noticed save by a few astute people and they’ll either be bumped off or be invited to join the subordinate levels of the order.

Obviously one would not wish to be culled, but you can see the need for such a solution.

Equally, conspiracy theorists balk at the idea of one-world government. And yet this is something we urgently need. Nation states are completely ineffective in the complex world society we live in today. Take the pandemic; the reason it was badly managed by just about every nation on Earth is because there was no central system to lay down a precise policy that everybody follow.

But the reason conspiracy theorists are so anti world government is they are essentially neo-luddites who have little understanding of how the world works in post modern times. They hark to the past, but show themselves to be little more than slow-witted imbeciles.

In essence (still on the presumption the Illuminati still exists), the order has a major task on its hands. With over 7 billion people in the world today – all mindless robots, full of emotion and hate, and no self-control – something has to be done to keep them in line. Of course, fewer people are needed in the world now due to automation and AI; so a culling is likely very much on the cards. Once a large population of peasants and dimwits was needed to farm the fields and man the factories. Now they’re surplus to requirements. While that may sound harsh, the truth is it was always that way. The lower classes have been indispensable since agriculture was invented.

The ruling classes or Illuminati naturally look to live lives of luxury and wealth. Why wouldn’t they? After all, considering the vast web of intrigue they weave, it’s clear they have superior thinking capabilities. So naturally they should have the lion’s share of the spoils. Might is right, as they say; and in modern times might is not so much physical strength as mental capacity.

The masses don’t have that. Thus they are basically farmed animals utilized by the elites. How could it be any other way? There is always predator and prey. High caste and low caste. It’s the natural order of things.

Of course, conspiracy theorists contend that the Illuminati and elites are psychopaths.

Like that’s a bad thing?

How do we know that psychopathy isn’t a trait of mind on a higher evolutionary level? One that the masses and lower classes simply don’t have?

In the end, the only way human society can move forwards is to accept that there is an elite class, which may or may not be called the Illuminati. And that if (as seems likely) a mass culling is on the cards, then it may be wise to go along with it – all for the greater good. The human species cannot keep going as it is. There is a need to not only reduce the global population, but to genetically engineer those that are left to turn them into a more functional species, a species that is NOT eaten up with hate, greed, irrationality and jealousy – but one that is able to construct logical thinking patterns, control emotions, and have no desire for violence and conflict.

This is the New World Order we should all aspire too – even if it demands the ultimate sacrifice by those marked down for culling by the alleged modern day Illuminati. How else can we make a better world? How else can we become a functional species?

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  1. clayton ray davies
    clayton ray davies says:

    For those of us that have something to contribute, hopefully we will be safe when the culling comes. ( now ? )

    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      Human society now is all a chaotic and bewilderingly complex system. It’s likely that we’ll need AI to make sense of it, which will be both a good and bad thing. Going forwards, replicator machines will free up the human species totally… problem is most humans are in no way ready for abundance. So with “culling”, it could well prove to be more along the lines of self-destruct. “Culling”, in a sense, is more a metaphor, as we don’t know what form it will take. The very planet itself could tire of the dominant destructive species… not on a conscious level, more on an evolutionary “survival of the fittest” level… the planet is more likely to wipe clean the species that is proving damaging. We could even say the fight is between the planet itself and the emerging technocracy.

  2. Fabian Lewis
    Fabian Lewis says:

    It might very well come across as despotic and cruel but I cant say I dont agree. Humanity needs controlling. That’s why as much as Democracy has a lot of benefits, I always find Autocracy to be my preferred form of government. That’s how I operate in a sort of way on a personal level.

    The main problem with this idea of unbridled freedom, is that the vast majority doesn’t understand or care about the responsibilities that comes with it.

    That’s why my sole aim in life these days is to reach into the circle of the Elites. By whatever means necessary.

    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      That’s very interesting to hear. Your perspective is about the same as mine. Look around us and it’s clear that most people are not in control of their thinking or their lives, and they rely on authority to look after them. In effect, to nanny them. Yet they moan about governments and those in power. Or you get the more left wing among us railing against foreign policy, which often means war and exploitation… few are willing to accept that everybody in a powerful nation state gets trickle-down money and services from war and exploitation. Therefore, most bury their heads in the sand pretending that they are moral and ethical, when in truth, they have blood on their hands. In the end, however it is painted, it remains tooth and claw, whether our state systems are democratic or not.

      • Fabian Lewis
        Fabian Lewis says:

        Absolutely. And if one takes a good hard look on how human beings behave under strict regime, those society’s in which its implemented are less prone to violence and instability. Interestingly, whether one believes in a God or a Devil, or a Bible,etc., one thing both beings agree on is the need for a one world sort of government, headed by either. Seems like that’s the only time if one should believe the literature.

      • Doktor Snake
        Doktor Snake says:

        That’s a good point about God and the Devil, and the Bible, the need for a central authority. I’m no theist on any level. But the Bible itself was no doubt composed by various people with one eye on finding a way to keep populations in line. Giving them a belief system to abide by. Naturally, the non-believer or atheist, is the more moral as they don’t need “rules” given to them to behave in an ethical manner. They’ve thought it through and learned from events and situations in their own lives. So it’s that much stronger and reliable too. Most people aren’t like that though. They tick along in life “reacting” rather than thinking clearly and objective and endeavoring to be pro-active. Thus, there is little doubt that those in authority need to “nudge” people’s behavior along with whatever it takes – in the past it was religion, now it’s often financial, political, and also via such ideologies as political correctness.

  3. Vajranagini
    Vajranagini says:

    You do realize that the “world government” and its “one religion” is sure to have the Roman Catholic Church behind it? Is that what you want? A theocracy that will be intolerant of diversity by its very nature?

    I am reminded of the saying “Those who do not remember their history are doomed to repeat it.” You haven’t studied the history of Christianity/ the RCC? The Albigensian Crusade? All this blah-blah about Adam Weishaupt and his alleged “illuminati” group that was just a cheap travesty of the REAL “illuminati”, so-called: the Vatican’s very own C1A: the Jesuits. Seems to me that an insistence on ignoring the actual history behind the “illuminati” and pushing the lame-o “Weishaupt” version while insisting “the illuminati don’t exist anymore” smacks of “agenda”. Of course they exist. I already told you where they were likely to be found, and the history of their origin. Nothing you have said here is outside of the standard “party line”/accepted theories that I have previously read elsewhere. Funny, all this talk about people “thinking for themselves”, while spouting the standard rubbish on the subject.

    As for “culling”, maybe look up the story of “Kalki” the White Horse Avatar, the tenth and final earthly manifestation of Vishnu, who will appear at the end of the present period, known as the Kali Yuga (Black Aeon), in order to cleanse the Earth and commence the Sat Yuga (Aeon of Truth). This will be the same Aeon of Truth Crowley spoke of, that is to follow the Aeon of Horus.

  4. none
    none says:

    There is a mistake in your lovely theory about this ideal world:
    The Élite is not willing no receive any genetic engeener change in there DNA. So, your ideal world of no violence will NEVER exist…

    Do you think a psycopath will take any vaccine to change the DNA and be more submisse? hahah


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