Infidelity Buster – Keeps Your Lover Or Spouse Faithful

infidelity buster

Renders your romantic partner unable to desire anybody else but you…

When your lover or spouse is unfaithful to you, it cuts to the heart like a knife. You feel betrayed. Your emotions veer from anger and indignation to terrible pain and heartbreak.

If you suspect your lover or spouse is cheating, you become eaten up with suspicion. You desperately hope they aren’t straying because, if they are, you know you will be devastated to the core. You wouldn’t wish that feeling on your worst enemy.

All ways round infidelity is not good.

But what if there is a way to prevent infidelity? What if you can stop your partner, whether male or female, from being able to cheat?

What if you could make them incapable of having carnal relations with anybody else but you?

There is a way…

A traditional Voodoo formula with roots in the sprawling African Savannah. We call it the “Infidelity Buster” as it’s to the point.

But it has been known by many names. All were designed to “lock” a man or woman so they simply cannot cheat.

A man will find himself either unable to perform or seized with deep anxiety. A woman may feel sick to the stomach or filled with guilt at what she is contemplating. Both will run home to their partner.

This is what happens when a man attempts to cheat on you…

  • NOTE 1: Before you ask, no, an Infidelity Buster does not go against free will; it simply restores balance.
  • NOTE 2: Recognize that in the unlikely event your partner does find a way to stray, this is the Universe giving you a very important lesson, which you will need to learn from (our Spiritual Advisory services are available to help with issues like this).

How it works

At the midnight hour, Dark Angel creates a Voodoo fetish doll – from cloth and sacking – to represent your partner. During a ritual conducted alongside me at a place of power via video link, she and I load the fetish doll with numinous energy.

Dark Angel typically goes to a old dirt track crossroads in Mississippi, while I head to a ruined medieval church near to the coast in Eastern England. The reason we do this is these are places of power, where it is possible to raise numinous energy, which is channeled into the artifacts we create.

What you do

With the fetish doll, we send you some red and purple ribbon and a small, ornate padlock. You wrap the ribbon around the doll’s groin area and between it’s legs. You then attach the padlock to the ribbon and lock it.

Alongside this, we give you a chant to recite as you go through the “locking” process.

The fetish doll then connects with your lover or spouse, making them unable to satisfy their desires with anybody else other than you.

Along with the padlock we send you the key for unlocking it. Only you can free your lover or spouse from this lock. The choice is always yours. Don’t lose the key.

Infidelity Buster

  • When you order you will be directed to a questionnaire to submit your details such as your date and place of birth.

Only $500.00. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)