Invoking The Demon Barbatos To Deal With Economic Armageddon

Barbatos demon

In these difficult time we need all the help we can get. We need to pull out the stops. Britain, for example, is about to enter full national lockdown again this Thursday. It won’t affect me unduly. But I will have to check what’s going on with post offices as I have to mail out spellworking items each week.

Much of Europe has also gone into lockdown again too. God knows what to expect in America after the election this week.

So we need to empower ourselves. We need some heavy duty “ammo” to keep ourselves buoyant.

The dogs of doom are howling everywhere right now. There’s no time to lose. So I’d recommend enlisting the assistance of the hierarchy of hell – one that springs to mind is the demon Barbatos, who could well bring some helpful empowerment.

As you can see from the old picture below, Barbatos, a duke of the underworld, was often depicted as a hunter, and you’re most likely to meet him in woodlands.

The power you can receive from Barbatos is that of divination, getting insight into the flow of fate, so you can act accordingly. Unsurprisingly, given his countryside habitat, Barbatos divines from birdsong, the roar of bulls and the barking of dogs. But you can use many things for divination. The patterns of the clouds, fallen twigs on the woodland floor, or the more obvious tarot cards and runes. You can read the omens anywhere and any time.

Barbatos also is known for finding treasure buried by magicians. Now, we can look at the word “magician” in various ways. It can mean a practitioner of the black arts, or for that matter, a stage conjurer.

But who are the most powerful “magicians” in the post-modern world?

It’s the money brokers, the financiers, the bankers, the oligarchs. They literally weave sophisticated “spells” and glamors over us all. Money itself is a work of sorcery; it relies on belief. It has no substance, certainly not since the gold standard was abolished. We all accept our nation’s currency. But if we no longer believe it has worth it evaporates into thin air. It is only so much worthless paper and metal.

So this is where Barbatos can help us. He can lead us to the “treasure” hidden by these postmodern magickians. He can lead us to a pot of gold, which might be a lucrative deal or a new market that springs up as the world crumbles under the covid crisis.

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