Is The Diabolus Society A Religion?

video interviews doktor snake

Doktor Snake talks about how The Diabolus Society isn’t a religion and is more a scheme of ethics for life, where you don’t need a God to dictate how you behave. And how it is perfectly possible to figure out your own personal morals yourself and live your life according to them without imposing your views and beliefs on others. Let them live their lives and you live yours without bothering each other.

It’s certainly not a damn religion, we don’t want another one! There’s too many as it is!

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  1. jenileefromqueenslandaustralia
    jenileefromqueenslandaustralia says:

    In my opinion the ‘Diabolous Society is a way to enrich one’s way of life by being able to tap into the thinking of other members and after clear thought be able to apply the thinking to oneself (that is after seeking permission to apply the thought)
    If one is stagnant in one’s thought process – what does one become, a person with no real ability to be one’s self

    • Doktor Snake
      Doktor Snake says:

      Yes, clear rational analysis – which is our greatest gift in terms of becoming free and perceiving the world and our environs in a clearer manner. Religion and superstition thinking held us back – and was used to control us, of course. It’s about being able to have a “higher will” or “I” that can consciously observe oneself… that way you can operate far better in your life and in dealing with the world around you. The Age of Reason was a pivotal point in human development. Yet arguably its impact has been slow to flow through to the masses. They have benefited from it in terms of humans creating incredible things – from the Industrial Revolution to the current “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” All these things are part of our development.


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