Famous voodoo Jack The Victor Root! Was thought to be lost forever… Earl Marlowe’s Secret is OUT!


INCLUDES DOKTOR SNAKE’S EMPTY HAND MAGICK PRINTED report (included in a nice binder)

WORLD RENOWNED VOODOO – HOODOO DOCTOR Earl Marlowe. Doktor Snake’s Mentor’s lost Secret Root…RECOVERED…In An Old Leather Suitcase!

There’s a root in old Hoodoo that beats ALL other roots. No, it’s not John the Conqueror Root (though that’s surely powerful).

It’s a mysterious and hard to find root.

My Voodoo mentor swore by it. He called it Jack the Victor Root, or just “The Victor.” Here’s what he said about it:

“You want the job done, you need Victor Root. Johnny Conqueroo good. But Jack the Victor is king. Blows the rest out of the water. Only hoodoo – voodoo root you need.”

Quote by: Earl Marlowe

In this unique package, you get a Jack the Victor Root in a mojo bag. The properties of this root are nothing short of remarkable. Inherent within it is a “spirit force.” This can be channelled and directed to manifest your will on the Earthly plane.

This means that whatever you focus your will on – with fierce intensity – shall come to pass, one way or another. If you hold the root against the Third Eye area of your forehead you will see hidden things and you will have knowledge of the spirit plane and how to harness that to your advantage in life.

In short, the Jack the Victor Root brings you unstoppable power…

Earl kept this root a closely guarded secret. It took him five years to even tell me about it – and he was my teacher.

After schooling me in the properties of the root, he swore me to secrecy – to never let on what the root was. Jack the Victor was Earl’s name for the root – more like a nickname, not a botanical name.

If you’ve read my “Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook”, you’ll be aware that my mentor Earl passed away in the mid-1990s. He handed his mantle down to me. And this included many of the botanicals he used.

One of these was a mojo bag with a number of Jack the Victor Roots – twenty-three, to be exact.

I had all this stuff stored in various suitcases. And for the life of me, I couldn’t find the mojo bag with the Jack the Victor Roots in it.

Recently, however, I moved to the county of Suffolk, in Eastern England, about sixty miles out of London.

It’s a stop gap until the pandemic situation is over, and then I’ll head somewhere else. Possibly the US or even Ecuador or Nicaragua, the latter two countries are good places to keep out of the reach of increasing controls from governments with their health passes and demolition of economies.

So anyway, I was sorting through my things and in one medium-sized old leather suitcase was the mojo bag with the Jack the Victor Roots!

I couldn’t believe it. I’d looked in that suitcase in the past and somehow must’ve missed that mojo bag. Or it was hiding from me and it decided to show up again!

Now, the question is: What would you do if you had this power in your hands?

I was so excited about finding the mojo bag and decided to offer twenty of the twenty-three to those who would like one. I will keep three to myself for my own personal use. Three is all I need.

If you would like a Jack the Victor Root, I normally $2,000 each for them. Considering the power of these roots that’s cheap at the price. For limited time only, I will be giving a SPECIAL DISCOUNT OF $500.00 off – making THE COST $1,500.00. There’s no further discounts and no payment plans. THESE ROOTS ARE TOO SPECIAL FOR THAT.

For something like this, if you don’t have the money, you will find it.




But that’s not all…

  • Besides your Jack the Victor Root, you also get full instructions on how to use it. This is deep insider information from Voodoo underground that has roots in old time hoodoo.
  • PLUS: A PDF on “Empty Hand Magick” which has Egyptian and Sufi roots and is performed without paraphernalia (the original manuscript came into my possession via a very mysterious route). Suffice to say, it gets straight to it and gets the job done – BIG TIME.
  • What’s more, I go into how to key into the undulating energies of ley lines, the power of the landscape, and how this ups the ante in your Empty Hand Magick.

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Jack The Victor Root + Bonus “Empty Hand Magic”Report”

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