joe the preacher revival root

Six month revival package – calls upon the fabled Joe the Preacher…

Shakes off the evil AND any wrong doings – get ahead in life.

Our Joe the Preacher revival ceremony is conducted once a month, over a three month period. This gives you continual and lasting protection, as well as empowerment.

It’s old time, hardcore hoodoo.

We email you each month to give you details of each ceremony and how it went, along with letting you know if there are any malign energies around you that you should know about.

If we see anything negative, don’t worry, we will deal with it by calling on the spirit of Joe the Preacher.

That way, with this ongoing work, you can be sure you’re not only protected from all evil, including the worst of hexes, but that the road has been opened for you to get ahead in life.

What you get

Firstly, you get a jar containing a piece of the fabled Joe the Preacher root and a cross. The root itself contains the living, breathing spirit of Joe, the mysterious hobo preacher of legend. You should keep this somewhere safe and away from prying eyes.

Joe The Preacher Root


We conduct the workings on your behalf virtually. During the first month, Dark Angel lights a ceremonial fire, which she keeps burning for the whole six months. This fire is very much connected with the ceremonial work we do for you at a given lunar phase each month.

That’s not all…

You also get 3 thirty minute calls with Doktor Snake and Dark Angel to help you along the path. They show you not only how to keep evil away, but also how to CLAIM exactly what you want in life – and get it.

The story of Joe The Preacher, demon-killing holy hobo

The famed Joe the Preacher root contains the living, breathing spirit of a mysterious hobo preacher…

Joe was an itinerant preacher. He had no theological training. He never went to Bible school. But he was a holy and compassionate man. The people loved him. But the established churches, and the pastors who made money from the collection plate, hated him.

West Virginia, at that time, was under siege from demonic forces and wayward spirits. Some say a hell-mouth had temporarily opened, spewing forth infernal spirits.

When the people began to be possessed and tormented by those terrible hell-spawn, the orthodox ministers failed to help. They just turned away. They neither had the stomach nor the faith.

They failed the people.

It was only Joe who would ride, even walk, for days to visit some poor wretch in their remote cabin and fight the Devil there.

However, he was only one man, and Satan is legion.

There was no way he could help everybody, such was the hellish epidemic. So Joe spoke to the angels. And the angels spoke to God. It was agreed that Joe could put a piece of his vast storehouse of spiritual power into a special root and give it to the people to help them.

That way, Joe could distribute his ministry far and wide and kick out the Devil without being there.

Nobody knows what became of Joe. That battle took a mighty toll on him, and he retired to his cabin and his Bible.

What is known is the promise about the root remains good. Joe always used to send a piece to anybody who needed help. When Joe died, the promise didn’t, and his spiritual power remains in that special root – the fabled Joe The Preacher Root.

Joe may not have been an angel. But he was on their side.

And he can be on your side too.

Make no mistake, when the spirit of Joe the Preacher is on your side, you will feel a huge difference in your life. Any nagging negativity – not to mention evil put on you by others – will be swept away.

What’s more, you will find that many doors open to you. You will regularly be in the “right place at the right time” and Lady Luck will smile on you.

Things will fall into place.

Whether it’s money, relationships, gambling luck, a better paying job, love and marriage, or the pleasures of the flesh, this ongoing Joe the Preacher working – along with the counsel of Doktor Snake and Dark Angel – will make it happen.

Joe The Preacher Revival Ceremony

Delivered virtually – ongoing over three months + three 30 minute consultations with Doktor Snake & Dark Angel

Cost $1200. (Free P&P)