Johnny Redstone Midnite Mojo Ritual – Ultimate Power – V8 Turbo-Charged – Sends A Cold Shiver Through The Devil Himself…

johnny redstone midnite mojo ritual

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Money, gambling luck, wealth, power, love and passion, healing relationships, banishing evil, revenge… these are just a few of the desires the Johnny Redstone Ritual can deliver in quick-time.

Cast under a shadowy moon, the Johnny Redstone rite is known among a selective cabal of shamans as one of the most powerful workings around. It’s not only unique, but is somewhat hazardous to the practitioner (to put it mildly). It’s the kind of magick only a fool would perform too often. Once a year is the maximum. And in truth, even that is a tad too often.

Why is the Johnny Redstone rite so hazardous?

It involves travelling the etheric plane via lucid dreaming and dealing with the denizens of the Black Lodge. It’s a place where hell-birds fly and black animals come out of their lairs – not to mention entities that are only too happy to cast a glamour on you and lead you into the realm of eternal limbo.

These entities are not only beguiling…

But often have the appearance of being human and are easily capable of befuddling you and inserting their thoughts into your mind, so you directly follow their will without question.

Johnny Redstone himself, however, is essentially benevolent. Despite him going over to the darkside and becoming a demonic entity (in a bid to cheat death in life), he still retains a degree of humanity. Thus it is possible to deal with him and exact his assistance in casting spells that bring given desires to fruition in the everyday world – be it money, power, love, protection, or whatever.

The rite I perform to summon Johnny Redstone is performed both on the everyday plane and on the far western reaches of the etheric plane at the Black Lodge, in which Johnny Redstone resides.

I enact the rite in a graveyard at midnight under a shadowy moon when the strange hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs. Out of this obsidian menagerie – at the culmination of the ritual – walks Johnny Redstone…

Shamans perceive Redstone through a swirling cloud of smoke…

He has the look of a biker, leather, tattoos and outlaw kitsch. This is because, as I say, he was once human – a fierce, savage (yet full of instinctive intelligence) motorcycle club member from the U.S. west coast who got shot up over a drug running dispute in the early 1970s.

After death he became a demonic entity due to the fact that, in life, he was adept in the art of traveling the etheric plane. He first had out-of-body experiences using peyote and other psychotropic plants. But eventually learned to do it at will without the need for mind altering substances.

Just before he physically died of gunshot wounds, Johnny put his ebbing life energy into leaving his body before he died. And this is how he became a denizen of the etheric plane, a demonic entity hovering between this world and separate reality.

The reason a certain cabal of magicians know about Johnny is he was a good friend of Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook). During the 1960s Earl, who was originally from Trinidad and essentially a modern day shaman, was serving in the merchant navy. So was Johnny. The two quickly became friends.

After Johnny was killed in the early 1970s, Earl had suspicions that Johnny had left his body before death, and attained a certain kind of immortality, and set about contacting Johnny on the etheric plane.

Eventually Johnny became a regular demonic helper in Earl’s magical work, which involved voodoo and other esoteric systems.

Earl told me: “Johnny became a helper in my magical work. I’d go to the graveyard and work the rite and Johnny would appear. It was almost like he’d never been gone.”

Later, during my time with Earl, I was taught the secrets of contacting Johnny Redstone on the etheric plane.

Haunted by the voodoo gods

So what can the Johnny Redstone Rite do for you?

It’s basically limited for those times when you need to pull out the stops to get the job done. It shouldn’t be taken lightly or frivolously. You have to genuinely want your given desire to come to fruition – as there’s no going back. When the spell is cast, it’s cast.

So what can the Johnny Redstone Rite be used for? Well, it’s highly effective for most requirements – from attracting love, returning lovers, personal power, money, passion, restoring or healing relationships, protection against dark forces, and banishing evil.

It’s an all round powerhouse. But I can only perform the rite, at most, about three times a year. Typically, I’ll only do it once.

What we do…

With Dark Angel connected via video link, I perform the ritual at a specially chosen graveyard under the light of a shadowy moon. When the clock strikes twelve, we call upon Johnny Redstone. The first signs of his arrival are the presence of weird black animals or birds – spirit creatures from the Black Lodge. It’s a long and exacting working that opens the gates between the etheric plane and the earthly realm.

Suffice to say, it is not a task for the fainthearted and it’s an exhausting, not to mention, exacting process. But be assured that you don’t have any dealings with Johnny Redstone. Only us. So there is no risk of comeback on you.

Throughout the midnight ritual, the spirit of Johnny Redstone brings an extremely high level of numinous power to the table. Not for nothing have clients said that they could literally feel it at the time we cast the spell.

“I had this sudden feeling that something was going on. Like a shiver when through me. I emailed Doc and he said it coincided with when he cast the spell.” Maxine, Georgia, USA.

“I didn’t expect this… but I was driving and had to pull in… I felt this energy go through me. Turned out it was Doc my Johnny Redstone ritual… and it brought the results I asked for.” Leroy, California, USA.

Johnny Redstone Midnite Mojo Ritual

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DELIVERY: Via email. We conduct the ritual at an auspicious day and time under a shadowy moon. The day after we email you with details of what we did, how it went, and what you do next.