king dominator

Money, sex & power (men only)

Maximum money in minimum time. Male domination over women. Charisma & magnetism.

This powerful magick brings you everything you need in life.

  • Brings hardcore money (ideally via business or investments).
  • Configured to make women crazy about you and chase you.
  • Increase your personal power (with that everything falls into place).

Ritual performed once a month for three months so you are fully empowered and the energies build. PLUS: X3 thirty-minute coaching sessions via phone or Brave Talk with Doktor Snake.

How it works

At the stroke of midnight, at an abandoned crossroads where prostitutes and Highwaymen used to meet to bargain for their souls, I will go deep into the dangerous spirit trance using the dark words of the “Unknown Tongue.” This is a secret language of the subconscious mind and only known to us swamp voodoo doctors.

The smoke from my ritual fire spirals in strange and eerie patterns, and through it, starts to crawl the shape of Le Grande Serpent Noir – the black kundalini snake of power, filthy lucre and sex. Writhing on the ground as it grips me I force it into the artefacts that I have scattered around me. As Le Serpent Noir slithers into the artefacts used in the spell, it charges them with unstoppable power and dark sexual energy.

These artifacts include a Black Snake Manikin, Black Candle, Le Bete Noir Oil, which I send to you along with a simple ritual for you to perform.

Synced via video link, Dark Angel joins in the proceedings by calling upon the spirits and lighting a Sacred Fire than will burn for three months, while we repeat the ritual work once a month over three months.

During that time you’ll get 3 thirty-minute coaching calls with me, during which we’ll go over “mind power” techniques to get you where you want to go in life. You’ll learn how to control and focus your mind. Along with the strategies of The Art of War and Wu Wei. No longer will anything or anybody be able to stand in your way. And you’ll be able to enter into the “zone” at will.

King Dominator

Hardcore ritual performed x3 over three months. Black Snake Manikin amulet package. 3 thirty-minute “mind power” coaching sessions with Doktor Snake.

Cost: $1200 USD. (Free P&P).