Lawsuit Spell – Get Justice – Get What’s Rightfully Yours – Win A Case

lawsuit voodoo spell

Need justice?

Need to get what’s rightfully yours?

Get what’s owed to you?

Or stop a claim against you?

If you’re taking legal action against an institution or company – or you’ve had a claim wrongfully filed against you – this “Win A Case” working has your back. It will spin the wheels of fate in your favor.

Here’s what my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) said about this lawsuit formula:

Working man and woman always been exploited by the powers-that-be or greedy corporations happy to bleed them dry – or throw ’em under the bus. That’s why voodoo always been a helping hand to those in need or them that feel powerless. Lawsuit work what they need to get what rightfully theirs – or kick the ass of greed heads who want their every penny.”

This old time voodoo spell will prove an angel of mercy when it comes to fixing a legal problem and putting your situation to rights.

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