Limited Editions

Limited editions workings are typically performed at specific times, such as full moon, dark of the moon, or on solstices and equinoxes. They’re are not available all the time. They regularly sell out. You can always email us if you want a particular item. We’ll get back to you to let you know when it will be next available.

Meteors, lunar eclipse, full moon – manifest wishes with our Cosmic Mojo working… Ritual November 9th. Full Moon on November 19th is a unique event. One to be taken advantage of in terms of bringing serious numinous power to the table. Not only is it Full Moon, but there’s the Leonid Meteor Shower and a partial Lunar […]

High end power love ritual – harnesses arcane energy from the etheric plane – makes the one you desire unable to resist you – attracts them like a magnet… Does the one you love seem out of reach? Are they resisting your affections? Are obstacles standing in the way of you two being together? Do […]

Open the veil between our world and the realm of the dead on All Hallows Eve (works all year round, begins on Samhain). Charged in the sultry swamplands of Mississippi and the heartland of ancient Albion, this Mandrake Servitor Doll will allow you to manifest and commune with your ancestors and your loved ones in […]

Harness the power of the Perseid Meteor Shower for prosperity, financial security and abundance… As the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its peak in the middle of August, 2021, very specific energies are unleashed. This year some of the meteors will be super bright – known as “fireballs”. The energies from the Perseid Meteor Shower are […]

Have you consulted expert after expert? Have you lost hope that your case can be solved? Do you want maximum firepower to get your issue solved, once and for all? If so, our Devil’s Tin ritual brings ultimate power to the table. It can be customized for any requirement, including matters of the heart, financial […]

For when an issue you’re facing is at critical point and there’s no time to wait. You can’t see a solution. You don’t know where to turn. The situation is desperate. There’s not a second to lose. Something has to be done – and right now! In which case, we will pull out the stops. […]

Get through difficult times and get on the up with this powerful occult charm, charged by graveyard spirits to increase your personal power. In our current uncertain world, you cannot predict what the next few months will bring. Not even what will transpire in the next few days. You don’t know if you’ll even have […]

My spirit bottle working is a powerful working geared to help you achieve success. It’s for entrepreneurs and people in the entertainment business. It’s configured to boost your magnetism and charisma, which is critical to reaping big rewards in life, whatever field you are in. Make no mistake, it’s high octane magick. How it works […]