London Voodoo: Foot Track Magick

Back in the day, my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe and I used to drive around North London seeing to his voodoo clients. Mostly we were riding around Hackney, Tottenham (where I lived), Stoke Newington, and Finsbury Park. Inner city districts. This was mid 80s to early 90s. Earl used to drive an early 80s model BMW. Smoked glass windows, black and tricked out, and he’d have the sound system pumped up, blasting out funk, rap, soul, and reggae.

One of Earl’s favorite tracks was Superstition by Stevie Wonder, and this prompted him one day to talk about hexes and curses. He thought it was important I was up to pace on that. This what he said:

“Voodoo rootworker don’t mess about. Don’t fight shy of wreaking havoc and revenge on their enemies. They use black magic to fuck ’em over. Gotta remember the world ain’t all sweetness and light. If somebody does you or your family harm, you don’t turn the other cheek. The perpetrator of evil is dealt with in kind.”

Earl saw it as law of the jungle with the voodoo man as king – the lionheart.

Earl always recommended using foot track magic to take down an enemy. Foot track magic works on the principle that a person’s footprint can be used as a magical link to have an affect on your enemy in some, usually, malevolent way.

Earl explained:

“Foot Track conjure got its roots in Africa. Work like this. You get some graveyard dirt from the cemetery and sprinkle it on the route that your intended victim walks on. Contact between your target’s foot and the graveyard dirt will spiritually poison them. It will fuck them over. Could take the form of a run of bad luck, something like that. It jinx ’em out.”

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