Lord Sol’s Gambling Luck Talisman

Powerful ritual drawn from an ancient rite. Calls upon Lord Sol. Talisman charged under the noonday sun. Brings an abundance of gambling luck to the one who owns this unique artifact.

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Gambling luck is tricky. It comes and it goes. Lady Luck is a fickle friend. She’ll smile on you one day; frown on you the next.

But if you do get lucky with a gambling win it can be super-lucrative, even set you up for life – certainly if it’s a mega-millions lottery win.

So how do you increase your fortunes when playing games of chance?

The truth is, you have to up the ante. You have to go where others fear to tread. If it wasn’t that way everybody would be a winner. And that’s just not the case. We all know most people lose more than they even win.

And you want to win, right?

Well, in that case, you may be strongly interested in the working Dark Angel and I have formulated. It’s been tested on the ground by a number of our clients and they are reporting more wins and success when they gamble, be it online or at casinos, or lotteries.

  • “[Doktor Snake’s] customer service is incredible. He will go that extra mile to help you achieve your goal.” Jeffrey (Canada)
  • [Doktor Snake] always gets back to you, as he states, does everything possible his end.” M (UK)
  • “Doc has always been there and had never let me down or given up in helping me.” Mel (England)
  • “He always goes above and beyond to make sure you get results.” Mike (Canada)
  • “This is the first time in my life i get something to work for me in a spell i really trust you…” Mary (West Indies)
  • “That’s right am a voodoo man myself. In all my life I have never seen spells powerful as this…” Papa Gede (Mississippi)

“One of our acquaintances runs a casino and he told us to stop right now! Haha. We’re not going to listen to him!”

So what have we put together?

It’s a very powerful working called Lord Sol’s Gambling Luck Talisman. We call upon the infernal spirits of the solar sphere to charge a money/gambling sigil and old British sixpence (which went out of circulation in the seventies).

A sixpence has inherent money drawing elements due them being made from silver from their introduction in 1551 until 1947 when they were made from cupronickel. So a sixpence is always our first choice as a talisman when it comes to money or gambling workings.

During our ritual, which we perform at an old country gatehouse we rent for our ritual work, we call upon Lord Sol himself to bestow his powerful arcane energies into the sixpence and into the parchment sigil we create for the coin to be wrapped in.

When done we give Lord Sol our offerings, which typically include cigars and best quality Plymouth gin…

This ensures the talisman becomes a living breathing “servitor” (thoughtform) that works 24/7 to bring you gambling luck and encourage Lady Luck to smile on you.

Order Your Lord Sol Gambling Luck Talisman Now

Solar servitor charged to bring good fortune in games of chance.

Only $250. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


We perform the ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the Lord Sol talisman is sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how we performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on what to do next.