Lucky 777: Mega Lotto Voodoo MastaBlaster

lucky 777 ritual

“We’ve seen the Lucky 777 bring big wins – $100K to $1M…”

It’s not easy to score a big jackpot on the lottery. We all know the odds are against you. But it still could be you. All it takes is for Lady Luck to smile on you…

Bottom line is: we’ve had a number of clients who have won everything from $100K to $1M. It’s all about getting the voodoo edge, which ups the odds in your favor – making it much more likely Lady Luck will smile on you.

Fact is, if you’re not winning a dime, your fortunes need a reboot. They’re stuck and need a shake up.

This is exactly what our Lucky 777 working does. But it doesn’t end there. It also brings an almighty boost to your fortunes. Like one lady called Mary in Virginia will tell you:

“I ordered one of Doktor Snake’s Lucky 777 rituals. To be honest, I thought it would just get me back on track. I hoped it would do a lot more. But the way my luck had been going, I was happy with back on track. Boy, did I get a surprise! Six weeks after Dok and DA did the ritual, I won $100K on the lottery! I was in shock! But I was very happy.”

Then there was the lady in New York State, Marcia…

“It took a while for things to change after Dok did the Lucky 777 for me. I thought something was wrong, that it wasn’t going to work at all. Life was still a struggle. Dok reassured me. And I asked him, ‘Was I born unlucky?” Dok said we can turn this around.”

With Marcia, even I was starting to think something was wrong. Or I’d lost my touch. But then I got this email from Marcia…

“Dok, I don’t even know how to say this… I’ve only gone and won a million on the lottery!!!”

Then there was Jason from London who got a nice little boost…

“Dok, I scored five grand, that’ll help me clear some outstanding bills.”

The most important thing with our Lucky 777 working is it turns your luck around. It removes the blockage that is impacting your fortunes.

How it works

This one calls on the spirits of the gravyard. They control luck and fortune. They know which path leads to the crock of gold or soup kitchen, and the variations inbetween. They’re tricky. But the secret is knowing how to deal with them – and more importantly how to strike a binding arrangement so they get your luck back on track.

Lucky 777 Crossroads

To do this on your behalf, Dark Angel and I go to a lonely country cemetery, enter visionary trance, and access the realm of these spirits on the astral plane. It is here that deals are struck and offerings given. We petition these spirits to “help our dear friend in need” and cajole them into bestowing their lucky energies upon you, and lead you to that lottery win.

Under wraps: The Lucky 777 Ritual is one of our “under the table” workings. It’s reserved for those who dream of a big lottery win, but rarely score a dime. If this is you, then our Lucky 777 Ritual will prove your first step into turning your life around and achieving your dreams.

Lucky 777 Ritual

“Leave it to the experts”, working delivered virtually to get the job done …
Regular Price: $3,000.
Cost: $1,499.00. (Limited Time Only).


DELIVERY: After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what to do next.