Lucky Halloween Ancestors’ Spellbag – Money & Gambling Luck, Good Fortune

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Get a lucky boost in your fortunes with this year’s Halloween Special...

Halloween or “All Hallow’s Eve” is a very powerful time to conduct workings related to our ancestors, ancient and modern.

In bygone times, most people would bake soul cakes to feed their loved ones who had passed on to the next world. It was a time to remember the dead and to allow their ghosts to return and warm themselves by the hearth and hear news of what was going on in the land of the living.

Halloween is ancestors’ night. And your ancestors, even those that lived long, long ago, will advise you and help you if you call upon them on this night of All Souls.

This Halloween Dark Angel and I will be conducting an All Souls Night ceremony. The magical intention being to call upon the ancestors to bring you money and gambling luck, and good fortune in all aspects of your life.

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What we’ll be doing…

As the sun sets in the western skies, we’ll go to an old disused graveyard near the sea. There we’ll call upon the ancestral spirits from long ago to charge my unique and rustic poppet dolls, which I make from sticks gathered in the countryside. Alongside these DA and l will fix up a Juju bag with roots and herbs, plus a candle and Ancestors Oil for dressing it with – and a Lucky Coin (old British Sixpence).

During our ritual work, all artifacts will be imbued with numinous energy by the ancestral spirits.

NOTE: This is a limited edition – one night only – orders close at midnight on October 30th. So you might want to dive in now so you don’t miss out.

Lucky Halloween Ancestors’ Spellbag

Lucky Boost In Fortunes

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