Make A Pact With Satan To Become A Famous Rap Or Rock Star – Ultimate Dark Psychology – Mind Control Tactics As Used By Illuminati Initiates – Harness The Deep Power Of Holographic Universe Illusion That Enslaves The World – Meet The Master Of Reality

sell soul satan rock rap star

Dream of becoming a famous rap or rock star? Hitting the big time? You can pay your dues (no guarantee of success). Or you can make a pact with Satan.

To do so, you break out of the holographic illusion that surrounds us.

Enter deep space. Meet the Master of Reality. Make a bargain on an energy level.

On the earthly plane gain untold riches, power, dominance and supreme wealth.

Begin hoodoo style – sell your soul to Satan…

My Voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook), who was also a swamp blues and world music singer, laid it down this way:

“No doubt about it, you have to make a pact with Mr. D, sell your soul to Satan. It’s the Devil’s music, see. Any musicianer tell you otherwise is a scared-ass pussy.”

Earl was well-versed in the lore of the hoodoos and old time bluesmen from the American South.

So he knew how it was done.

What’s more, he was aware that there was a deeper side. He knew the old hoodoos and bluesmen had latched on the an occult practice used by the elites of this world – a secret methodology kept from the masses.

This method is beset with dangers:

“Blues guys like Robert Johnson got it wrong. They sold their souls. Got the fame they wanted. But Satan came for them. They paid the price. Eternal damnation. What they didn’t know… you don’t have to relinquish your soul if you do it right.”

Blues Singer

Because of his connections in the world of big business and investments (his high level clients), Earl had got wind that many of the richest elites in the world had used occult technologies to achieve their wealth and dominance.

It wasn’t by accident.

Earl knew that the old bluesmen had no idea that, by making a satanic pact old hoodoo style, they were breaking the illusion that surrounds us – the holographic universe. What they saw behind the veil drove them insane or turned them into alcoholics.

Sure, they gained artistic brilliance and fame, but lost their grip…

It’s the same for those today who have made the Satanic Pact. They end up medicated, drunks and become an empty shell, putting on an act of normality – but propped up by managers and those that run the business operation behind the artist.

That said, there are a few well-known music stars and artists that did the Satanic Pact right. I’m not mentioning names, but you can guess who they are.

But with them (and one in particular), they went to the darkside. They joined the ranks of the elite classes and are essentially controlled; they aren’t free. All the wealth and fame they have is essentially meaningless.

There’s no doubt about it, selling your soul has to be done right…

Equally, you have to understand dark psychology…

It’s being done to you. So you need to understand how dark psychology works, along with mind manipulation. You have to have a deep knowledge of yourself, how your mind operates, along with your emotional feedback loops.

If you don’t, you are easy prey. Not only will Satan delight in confusing you and controlling you, he will have no qualms about destroying you.

This doesn’t mean he’s evil (as he’s painted by religious types). It simply means he has no respect for people who haven’t made the effort to be self-aware.

Yes, he’s callous in many respects; but that’s because he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. He expects you to be the best you can be. Anything less, and you are no more than an ant to him to be stamped on as the mood takes him.

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If you aren’t awake your soul is worthless to Satan…

In other words, if you buy the illusion sold you by the plutocrats and elites of this world, you aren’t worthy of being rich and famous, not to mention free. You don’t know what liberty really means.

That’s why you need to get a profound grasp of how dark psychology and mind manipulation works – so you aren’t one of the hypnotized masses.

The first step is understanding how your thoughts and mental images set your reality.

You literally are your own God if you but know it.

Everything around you is created by you. You have shaped your own life.

If you don’t recognize this your reality will be created by others – inadvertently by those around you, intentionally by the elites.

Understanding this will set you free.

It will also mean that you can consider making a pact with Satan…

It’s highly complex and nobody can hold your hand. Nobody can help you once it’s set in motion. You have to be your own person and look after yourself. This is a good thing. The moment you give in to being nannied by anybody, especially the government, you are lost.

By making the Satanic Pact, you are entering reality itself, undiluted by your brain processing the input from your senses.

In fact, Satan himself is known by initiates as the Master of Reality.

He is the gatekeeper of what’s “out there” beyond your senses and your brain’s interpretation of this sensory input.

Once in this realm you are able to harness the energies of formation and literally change the world around you on the physical plane.

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To do this you have to take the first step…

Earl Marlowe, who was originally from Trinidad, but spent many years in the American South, learned how the old hoodoos and bluesmen did it. Some went to a crossroads to meet the Devil, others to an old churchyard.

Here’s what Earl said about it:

“Doesn’t matter which you do. Both work, and are as good a way as any to start. But if you’re a fool and ain’t aware of yourself, what you are, Satan will toy with you, drive you insane. You’ll be like an acid casualty. Banged up in the nuthouse.”

As I said, besides being a root doctor, Earl was a world music singer, and I used to back him on guitar. One time, after a gig, we went back to the squat we were staying at, and Earl related one of the ways you go about making a pact with Satan.

This is what he said:

“You want fame and musicianer skill – like to be a famous in rap or rock – you gotta hook up with Satan.

Ain’t no avoidin’ it.

They all done it. Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Peetie Wheatstraw, and some that you’d know the names of today. Big time acts.

To make a pact with the Devil, go to an old deserted churchyard at midnight.

Take a Bible and some wormwood with you.

Then draw a circle about six foot in diameter. Use a branch to draw it.

Inside the circle draw a big XX, double crosses.

Divide up your wormwood so you holding half in each o’ your hands.

Throw the right handful up to the heavens, and the left handful down to the earth.

Then repeat the Lords Prayer backwards. [See: Matthew 6:9 to 13].

When you done that the pact is made.

Your desires will be met by Satan himself and his dark forces.

But only for the next seven years. After that it will be up to Satan to demand his payment – whatever it is he wants from you.

When you leave the graveyard make sure you leave your Bible at the church door.

Ole Satan don’t like you takin’ the holy book home with you. He likes God to know that another soul has become his.”

Here’s the Lord’s Prayer written backwards:

.nemA .reve rof dna won
sruoy era yrolg eht dna ,rewop eht ,modgnik eht morf su reviled dna
lairt fo emit eht morf su evaS
.su tsniaga nis ohw esoht evigrof ew sa
snis ruo su evigroF
.daerb yliad ruo yadot su eviG
.nevaeh ni sa htrae no
,enod eb lliw ruoy
,emoc modgnik ruoy
,eman ruoy eb dewollah
,nevaeh ni rehtaF ruO


What Earl laid out above was the basics of the Satanic Pact. The deeper aspects of it mean you bypass the whole idea of giving up your immortal soul to Satan after seven years.

The deeper aspects involve self-development at a very high level. This puts you on equal terms with Satan. And you make your deal like two businessmen. You negotiate terms.

This negotiation period is hazardous. Satan watches your every move, your every thought and your body language.

Once he’s certain you’ve done enough self-development to be awake and consciously aware, you’re fine.

On balance, I don’t recommend anybody follow this path unless they have a full understanding of what it truly entails.

I’ve written about the right way to approach making a deal with Devil on my 666 page. I show how you don’t even need magick circles such as laid down in the medieval grimoire, the Goetia. You especially don’t want to be calling on Jesus and the archangels, that only serves to enrage the Lord of this World.

They key is recognizing that you have to develop yourself to the point that Satan respects you and considers you an equal.

At that point you will be in a position to sculpt your reality in the way you want it to be.

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