mind power life coaching

One-To-One Guidance To Get the life you want + be more productive and positive

Doc talking about his Mind Power Life Coaching

Do you have issues that need solving? Does your situation seem hopeless? Are you dealing with people that wish you ill-intent? Do you have money problems? Relationship issues?

The bottom line is this: whatever your issue or situation, it can be put right if you know how to control your mind and your emotional “reactive” system.

I call this “mind power…”

What is mind power?

It’s creative use of the mind. Breaking and re-shaping mental patterns that block you. So that you can move forwards in a positive and productive way – take control of your life and go where you want to go.

Is it magic?

Yes. Not in an occult (hidden) sense, but in an empowerment sense. It allows you to literally become “your own God” and shape the life you want. No longer will you be blown hither and thither by the fickle winds of fate. No longer will other people be able to manipulate you (unless you allow them to do so). No longer will you agonize over decisions. You’ll assess a situation and you’ll make a rational decision (based on evidence) and move forwards.

You in control

Learning mind power, you will be at the helm of your mental ship, steering it where you will – to where you choose to sail. You will be able to see others and the world around you far more clearly. Thus you will be able to operate more effectively. You’ll have a firm grip on the tiller and you’ll set the destination.

Your own analyst

With mind power you’ll gain a clear and honest picture of your own motivations. You’ll no longer kid yourself. You’ll see yourself in the clear light of day and accordingly will forge a much more positive path in life.

Reigning in emotions

Emotion is a good thing. But it needs to be seen objectively. Otherwise our emotions can run out of control and rule our lives – leading us astray and causing more pain than pleasure. With mind power you learn to see your emotions in action, especially the negative ones, and will be able to keep them under control when it’s helpful to do so.

What it involves

Mind power conists of both Critical Thinking methods and harnessing the deep power of your subconscious mind, the V-8 engine that lies within. In short, you learn to become consciously aware. You wake up to the power you have within, and become able to use that potential to make your life better than it ever was.

By learning mind power, you will literally gain control over the wayward aspects of yourself – such as self-talk and unbridled emotions – and this enables you to do whatever you aspire to in life.

Most importantly, it means you can be happy any time you want to be happy. To feel good when you decide to, not just when it comes upon you. To feel motivated when you need to feel motivated.

Recognize, mind power is yours. It’s within. All it takes is your firm decision to harness that power.

How it works

A mind power life coaching session consists of a 30-minute phone call with me. Followed by an email “action plan” for you to follow.

If you’d like a series of life coaching sessions – four or more – let me know, and I’ll organize a discount for you.

Mind Power Life Coaching Session With Doktor Snake

After you order you will be emailed a questionnaire for you to supply your details and outline what you wish to accomplish from your coaching session. (I’ll also email you to set up the best day and time to conduct your coaching).

Cost: $225 Per Session.