Mirror Love Box

Mirror Love Box

Sends your feelings to the one you love and draws out their feelings for you.

Dark and brooding, amid the shadowy cottonfields, we conjure the dark spirits of swamp voodoo to create your Mirror Box, an artifact of power, designed to help bring your desire to fruition.

Along with fashioning your Voodoo Doll, Dark Angel uses her old swamp recipes to put together the ingredients required for your Mirror Box – all of which are sourced directly from the swamplands of Mississippi.

Once the items are created, Dark Angel and I conduct the ritual work. This involves a spirit summoning ceremony, performed at the stroke of midnight in an old disused Victorian graveyard.

As I always say:

“The time to do Voodoo is when the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans.”

Reciting incantations in unknown tongues over a specially-chosen grave, we conjure up a powerful entity known as the Graveyard Snake, calling upon it to grant your desires and to charge the artifacts in the Mirror Box with power.

(Bear in mind, due to the pandemic, we conduct the ritual via video link with me at the Victorian graveyard in an old part of Suffolk, England).

Package includes Juju Bag with Love Oil, Red Candle and Rice dust. Along with Paper scroll. All items homemade.

NOTE: There are two options for this spell working – virtual delivery or shipped:

  1. Opt for virtual, we take care of it all and you receive an email telling your all about the ritual and what you do next.
  2. Opt for items shipped, it’s takes longer and you do a basic ritual formula.

Both options are equally effective.

1. Mirror Box

Virtual edition (leave it to the experts)
Only $350.00. No Shipping Fees.


DELIVERY: Via email. We set the ritual date according to lunar phases. Then conduct the spell working and email you with details of what we did and what you do next.

2.Mirror Box (Items Shipped)

Items shipped edition (simple ritual for you to do)
Cost: $370.00 (includes shipping)


SHIPPING: Allow three weeks for your items to be shipped. The magickal artifacts are created tailored to your case. Then the ritual is performed and items are left on shrine to gather power. Then are mailed along with a letter detailing how the ritual was performed and what you do next.