Is a neighbor causing you hell?

Are they noisy or throwing parties all the time?

Always causing trouble and strife?


Bad neighbors are a bane to the peaceful and harmonious enjoyment of your home life. Essentially they are inconsiderate and typically don’t care about how much disruption they cause you.

If you’ve got to get up for work the next day and a neighbor is throwing a party, they seriously interfere with your life. They typically expect you to not only put up with them, but to accept their way of going on. It’s the height of selfishness.

Bad neighbors take many forms, of course. Some park their cars in your parking space, persist in doing DIY to their house at midnight, banging around and drilling, seemingly without a care in the world. If you complain, they get belligerent They want it all their own way.

DON’T DESPAIR: Casting a voodoo spell, we can usher your bad neighbors out. There’s a very high success rate with this one. Do accept you may need to be patient. Sure, in some cases a bad neighbor has left within weeks. But having some patience is recommended. This is a strategy. And needs to be left to weave its numinous web,

What we do

Connected via video-link, Dark Angel and I go to our respective ritual areas out back of our properties to conduct our ceremony. This involves going into a shamanistic visionary trance, where we travel the etheric plane in our spirit bodies – petitioning the spirits to “help our dear friend” in their hour of need.

What’s more, Dark Angel gathers the roots and herbs needed for your spell working from nature. With her knowledge of herbalism, this brings a lot of power to the table, complementing the voodoo spell we cast on your behalf.

NOTE: There are two options for this spell working – virtual delivery or shipped:

Both options are equally effective.

Bad Neighbor Zapper - Voodoo Spell - Get Rid Of Troublesome People Next Door - Mojo Hand

Mojo Hand: Bad Neighbor Zapper Voodoo Spell (Virtual Edition)

DELIVERY: Via email. (It’s faster) We set the ritual date according to lunar phases. Then conduct the spell working and email you with details of what we did and what you do next.



Bad Neighbor Zapper - Voodoo Spell - Get Rid Of Troublesome People Next Door - Mojo Hand

Mojo Hand: Bad Neighbor Zapper Voodoo Spell (Shipped Edition)

SHIPPING: Allow three weeks for your items to be shipped. We email your ritual date, which is calculated by lunar phase. When the ritual is done we keep your item on our shrine to gather further power. Then we mail it to you with a letter detailing how we conducted the working, and what you do next.



TIMELINES: Your desire can manifest very quickly. But we recommended patience. Magic is a very powerful way to change things in your life. It works in mysterious ways. Rest assured, it will have your back. The secret is to “claim” your desire, to 100% believe it will come to pass.