Bad Neighbor Removal Spell – Get Rid Of Troublesome People Next Door – Hardcore Voodoo

bad neighbor zapper

Is a neighbor causing you hell?

Are they noisy or throwing parties all the time?

Always causing trouble and strife?


Bad neighbors are a bane to the peaceful and harmonious enjoyment of your home life. Essentially they are inconsiderate and typically don’t care about how much disruption they cause you.

If you’ve got to get up for work the next day and a neighbor is throwing a party, they seriously interfere with your life. They typically expect you to not only put up with them, but to accept their way of going on. It’s the height of selfishness.

Bad neighbors take many forms, of course. Some park their cars in your parking space, persist in doing DIY to their house at midnight, banging around and drilling, seemingly without a care in the world. If you complain, they get belligerent They want it all their own way.

DON’T DESPAIR: Casting a voodoo spell, we can usher your bad neighbors out. There’s a very high success rate with this one. Do accept you may need to be patient. Sure, in some cases a bad neighbor has left within weeks. But having some patience is recommended. This is a strategy. And needs to be left to weave its numinous web,

How it works

Guided by whispers of forgotten lore, I head out to the untamed wilds of Suffolk, England (the region where I live) to a Bronze Age mound, which is situated on a crossing of Ley Lines. I channel this numinous energy into the working to get the results you need.

As Twilight descends I go into visionary trance, spinning off the hypnogogic imagery that shimmers and sparkles before my closed eyes.  From there I embark on an astral journey past strange, ephemeral landscapes, curious humanoid entities, and otherworldly creatures.

It is here I call upon my spirit guides to “help our dear friend in need” and to bestow their powerful energies towards solving your issues, and putting your situation to rights.

With that I close the working and leave an offering of three old British sixpences. As I leave, the Bronze Age mound returns to its serene stillness, concealing the echoes of ancient magic within its heart.

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