Someone not playing ball? Make ’em stand down and submit to your will.

It might be family member, an organization, or government department. Could be an acquaintance that’s playing you up and needs to be put in their place.

Could be a petty government worker. Or your landlord. You mother or father-in-law. Or somebody else in your circle.

No matter who it is, this Mojo Hand working is the bomb. It will make them comply and back down.

What We do

Connected via video-link, Dark Angel and I go to our respective ritual areas out back of our properties to conduct our ceremony. This involves going into a shamanistic visionary trance, where we travel the etheric plane in our spirit bodies – petitioning the spirits to “help our dear friend” in their hour of need.

What’s more, Dark Angel gathers the roots and herbs needed for your mojo hand from nature. With her knowledge of herbalism, this brings a lot of power to the table, complementing the ritual work we conduct.

Note: There are two options for this working – virtual and shipped.

Both options are equally effective.

Mojo Hand: Bend Over (virtual)

With the virtual option, we take care of it all at our end. You receive an email telling your all about the ritual and what you do next.



Mojo Hand: Bend Over (shipped)

With the shipped option, it takes longer and you do a basic ritual formula with the items you receive.


After you’ve paid, you’ll get an email directing you to your spellworking questionnaire to give us the details of your case. From there we’ll let you know your ritual date.