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Featuring Granny Sumlin’s “Sway The Judge” Formula…

  • Need to get off a bad rap?
  • Nothing seems to be working? Situation doesn’t look good?
  • Looking at prison time?
  • Loss of reputation? Total wipe out?

Whether it’s you, or a loved one, up in court, this could be EXACTLY what you need. It includes Granny Sumlin’s “Sway the Judge” Formula. Granny Sumlin was Dark Angel’s grandmother, who taught her rootwork, along with her Aunt Linda.

From Dark Angel: “My grandmother’s courtwork voodoo formula is second to none. Rumor has it that one man traveled hundreds of miles to seek her out for this singular recipe. It is a blend of High John the Conqueror Root, grains of paradise, ginger, hazel nut, magnet dust, along with herbs to promote the best outcome EVER!”

This old time voodoo spell will come as an angel of mercy, swaying the judge to either reduce the severity of the sentence, or get you off altogether.

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