fast money mojo

Low on cash? Life a struggle?

Can’t pay your bills? Creditors at your door?

Living pay check to pay check? Can’t seem to make ends meet?

Wanna help others? Have enough to assist family, friends, or those on their uppers or homeless?

BOTTOM LINE: Getting money is NOT about hard grind and working all hours to make ends meet – burning yourself out.

It’s about channeling spiritual force. Once you do that, money will flow to you. You’ll be able to pay your bills and have cash left over for the luxuries in life.

What’s more you’ll be able to help out those in need. You’ll pass on your good fortune.

When you buy a powerful Fast Money Mojo from us, you’ll be harnessing spiritual force to better your life financially.

Life will no longer be a struggle. Why should it be? the Universe is abundant. The secret is to key into this abundance. This is exactly what our Fast Money Mojo will do for you.

What we do

Connected via video-link, Dark Angel and I go to our respective ritual areas out in the countryside to conduct our ceremony. This involves going into a shamanistic visionary trance, where we travel the etheric plane in our spirit bodies.

We petition the spirits we work with to “help our dear friend in their hour of need.” Via the spirits, we channel the necessary energies to bring about the financial and monetary circumstances you yearn for.

NOTE: There are two options for this working – virtual delivery or shipped:

  1. Opt for virtual, we take care of it all and you receive an email telling your all about the ritual and what you do next.
  2. Opt for items shipped, it’s takes longer and you do a basic ritual formula.

Both options are equally effective.

Fast Money Mojo (Email Delivery)

Virtual edition (leave it to the experts)

Only $300.00. No Shipping Fees.


DELIVERY: Via email. We set the ritual date according to lunar phases. Then conduct the working and email you with details of what we did and what you do next.

Fast Money Mojo (Items Shipped)

Items shipped edition (simple ritual for you to do)

Cost: $320.00 Shipping included in price.


SHIPPING: Allow three weeks for your items to be shipped. We email your ritual date, which is calculated by lunar phase. When the ritual is done we keep your item on our shrine to gather further power. Then we mail it to you with a letter detailing how we conducted the working, and what you do next.

TIMELINES: Your desire can manifest very quickly. But we recommended patience. Magic is a very powerful way to change things in your life. It works in mysterious ways. Rest assured, it will have your back. The secret is to “claim” your desire, to 100% believe it will come to pass.