Voodoo Powerhouse For Gambling

Configured to make Lady Luck smile on you when you hit the casino, play lotteries or other games of chance.

“It’ll make the dog run outta the house, WITH HIS TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS”

  • Artifacts charged during powerful spirit-summoning ritual.
  • Voodoo mojo bag filled with extreme “cash yo’ check” juju

From Doktor Snake

Our Voodoo Gamblers Companion is a powerful Voodoo spell that will seduce lady luck bringing all her fortune to you. It sets you on those elusive winning streaks far more often than is explainable by conventional science.

Think how it will feel when you actually start seeing the cash coming in knowing your luck is turning around and you start to collect the cash, rather than lose it.

Who wants to give their hard-earned pay to the gambling house?

Not me. And not you, I’d wager

So stop the bad mojo and make the decision that will change you luck forever, with the most powerful voodoo gambling spell ever.


That’s why we take each Gamblers’ Companion we create to an old Victorian cemetery to charge it with numinous power…

We go to the grave of an old gambling man who got lucky more times in life than he cared to count.

In a visionary trance, we call up the spirit of this old gambler, and he bestows his lucky vibes upon your Gamblers’ Companion, imuing it with his lucky energies.

Boom! Your Gamblers’ Companion becomes an artifact of power that will bring you luck at games of chance.

(Bear in mind, due to the pandemic situation, which has marooned us in different countries, Dark Angel is currently connecting with me via video link during the above ritual).

What people say

“Man, I love this gamblers companion, it kicks ass! I’ve hitting the poker tables down in Florida where I live, and I been winning.” Dave, Miami, Florida, USA

“Thanks so much Doctor Snake, I’ve been taking my key to the casino and bingo and its turned my luck around, I’m winning more than I’m losing – at last.” Gail, Edmonton, London

“Gambling is my game. I’ve been doing it professionally for the last 15 years. Your Gamblers’ Companion is knockout. I recommended it to all who gamble.” Tyson, New York, USA

“This really works, and Doktor Snake stays in touch with you, and always does what he says he’s going to do.” Janet, Swindon, UK

Professional gamblers on our books refer to the Gamblers’ Companion as their “secret weapon.” They would never enter a casino, racetrack, or play the lottery without one. Nor would they play the slots without one in their pocket or hanging on a cord around their neck.

That is the power of the Gamblers’ Companion.

Consists of mojo bag with Three Jacks & A King Oil, Bay Leaves (with sigils inscribed on them), charged Poker Chips, Purple Candle, & Spirit Doll.

Gamblers’ Companion – Voodoo Spell

Makes Lady Luck smile on you

Only $350. P&P $10 (USA) – $20 (rest of world)


SHIPPING: Allow three weeks for your items to be shipped. Dark Angel creates the artifacts especially for you, which are tailored to your case (you won’t find anything like them anywhere else). This takes two weeks. On the third week, she and Doktor Snake conduct your ritual work. After that, your items are sent to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how the ritual was conducted, plus instructions on what to do next.