Job Spell – Boost Employment Prospects – Gimmie That Job – Mojo Servitor

Do you feel you are being over looked?

Did a coworker get promoted ahead of you?

Have you not gotten the raise you asked for?

Are tired of sending our resume after resume with no response back?

Do you have a job you love but just not getting they pay you feel you deserve?

Are sick of not having the cash to provide for your family?

Did you get the position you always wanted but now have more responsibilities but little to no true raise in pay?

Does it seem like your prayers are not being answered?


Times are hard right now. The economy is fragile. Employers are feeling the pinch. A lot of times they aren’t hiring.

Competition is fierce for the jobs that are out there. You can apply for endless positions and not get a bite. This isn’t down to you; it’s the situation we’re in right now.

When it comes to promotion, again, employers are being very careful with the money. They’re wary of paying out too much.

This is where our Good Job voodoo spell comes in. It brings you that edge. You’ll be more likely to be in the right place at the right time, when it comes to coming across jobs or contacts that put you on to a lucrative earner.

Bottom line: the odds will be with you for securing better employment and having more money in your pocket.

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There’s three spell working tiers, each holds varying levels of power. Choose which level suits your needs.

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request (which we’ll discuss with you and configure). You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.

✷ Package 1: “Giga” (VIP)

Our “I want it all!” package. Ritual conducted over THREE DAYS (x3) for ULTIMATE POWER. Name what you want to be changed in your life or what you wish to achieve. We’ll configure the spell working and get it done. Performed at place of power (Bronze Age mound).



★ Package 2: “Mega” (Most Popular)

Ritual conducted over TWO DAYS (x2) to get the job done. Name your spellcasting requirement and we’ll put it together. Performed at sacred site (disused ruined church). We’ll see to it.

COUNT ME IN: $425.00 USD


✦ Package 3: “Nano”

Ritual conducted on ONE DAY (x1). Name your spellcasting requirement and we’ll take care of it. Performed at our altar.

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