Police Shield Spell – Keep The Cops Off Your Back – Mojo Servitor – Hardcore Voodoo

police shield mojo

Do you need to keep the long arm of the law at bay?

Are you being unfairly targeted?

Need to be invisible to law enforcement?

Are you sick and tired of being stopped and searched?

If so, this Police Shield voodoo spell will keep the law off your back. It won’t make you literally invisible. BUT it will make the police overlook you, almost not see you, like you’re a ghost or a shadow. So in a sense it is an invisibility cloak. And if you do find yourself being interviewed by detectives at the police or sheriff’s department, they’ll be more likely to fumble the case they’re building against you. You just need to keep your cool and don’t blab. Keep calm. Keep to your story.

Naturally, our Police Shield voodoo spell is NOT condoning criminality. Being targeted unfairly by the police is what this spell working is for. Obviously, supplying a hungry market for the goods it wants is another thing. Bottom line: so long as your line of work is victimless, then you’re simply operating under free market economics (like the Silk Road marketplace), and this Police Shield voodoo spell will work.

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