Protection Spell – Deliverance From Evil – Drive The Devil Out

protection mojo

Need deliverance from evil?

Does your home feel different cold and unwelcoming?

Do you feel a presence? Nightmares?


Nefarious spiritual forces come in many forms. Spirits may be assailing you, even trying to enter your body or possess you. Demons might have entered your dwelling place unleashing their hellish intent on your life – turning your luck, relationships and friendships, and all your hold dear, to bad.

Alternatively you might be under constant harassment due to being cursed by somebody with malign intentions. This might be a person you know who practices witchcraft, or a spiritual worker hired by someone who has it in for you.

The signs of this might be mild at first. You just feeling something isn’t right. Or you home feels strange in some way. Then things might to set off. If you’re in a relationship, you could find yourself arguing with your partner all the time. You friends might start to seem distant.

Worse still, you could find yourself experiencing runs of bad luck, with nothing working out right, and money continually in short supply.

At the most extreme you may find yourself sensing – or even seeing – presences, like shadowy forms when you turn around suddenly. Items in your house could disappear mysteriously – or even objects appearing. Terrifyingly, furniture might move of its own accord; or you might feel something has entered your body – like lizards slithering around inside you.


All this can be dealt with with our powerful protection voodoo spell. The very hounds of hell can be sent on their way, never to return and taunt you again. Peace and harmony can be yours again.

How it works

Guided by whispers of forgotten lore, I head out to the untamed wilds of Suffolk, England (the region where I live) to a Bronze Age mound, which is situated on a crossing of Ley Lines. I channel this numinous energy into the working to get the results you need.

As Twilight descends I go into visionary trance, spinning off the hypnogogic imagery that shimmers and sparkles before my closed eyes.  From there I embark on an astral journey past strange, ephemeral landscapes, curious humanoid entities, and otherworldly creatures.

It is here I call upon my spirit guides to “help our dear friend in need” and to bestow their powerful energies towards solving your issues, and putting your situation to rights.

With that I close the working and leave an offering of three old British sixpences. As I leave, the Bronze Age mound returns to its serene stillness, concealing the echoes of ancient magic within its heart.

Order Now

Cost: $333.


After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.