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Have you been told you have empathic abilities?

Would you like to bring your abilities to their full potential?

Have you always wanted read and control the thoughts of others?

Want the ultimate power to influence a persons life path?

Would you like to turn your intuition into vivid visions?

Open your third eye?

Harness all the psychic energy you ever dreamed of?

Have the ability to astral travel?

All this and more can be yours with the power of our Psychic Power Voodoo spell. Charged on the etheric plane, it connects with your pineal gland and gradually enhances your innate psychic abilities. In the current world, our natural abilities of telepathy, second sight, and astral travel have been stultified by technology and the internet, and mostly due to the Electromagnet Frequencies emitted by wi-fi and cell towers.

Therefore, when we look to develop our psychic powers we are at a disadvantage compared to years gone by. All is not lost, however, as our Psychic Power Voodoo spell will block the deadening effects of EMF (on the etheric level), along with enhancing your inherent empathic abilities.

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After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request (which we’ll discuss with you and configure). You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.

✷ Package 1: “Giga” (VIP)

This is our “I want it all!” package. Name what you want to be changed in your life or what you wish to achieve. We’ll get it done. Ritual performed at sacred site. (Includes protection sigil, bespoke empowerment audio – AND psychic reading).



★ Package 2: “Mega” (Most Popular)

Name your spellcasting requirement. We’ll see to it. Ritual conducted at place of power. (Includes protection sigil).

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✦ Package 3: “Nano”

Name your spellcasting requirement. We’ll take care of it. Ritual conducted at our altar.

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