Shake A Hex Spell – Remove A Curse


Have you felt uneasy?

Having sleepless nights?

Do you hear strange voices in your head?

Do family and friends say you’re not yourself lately?

Does your mind keep racing with negative self talk?

Have you had a string of bad events happening?

Have you been to the doctor with some complaint and they can’t find a thing wrong?

Have you found strange items on your property?

Relationships breaking up without warning?

Does your home feel different somehow – and you can’t put finger on it

Do you feel uneasy in your home – like somebody or a presence is watching you?

Do you notice shadows out of the corner of you eyes?

Do your personal belongings sometimes missing?


We have the cure to your crisis! Our power-packed Shake A Hex voodoo spell includes a special blend of voodoo from Doktor Snake’s and Dark Angel’s mentors – Earl Marlowe and Granny Sumlin. Both were of the swamp voodoo tradition. Both could pack a punch when it came to removing bad work.

This mighty combo of recipes and formulas will return that hex to sender leaving the evil doer shaking with fear. It will bring them to their knees! They will be brought to judgement, forced to pay the price for all whom they’ve hexed.

The spellcaster will face every hex they’ve laid. Each one will consume them! This unique composite of ingredients, devised by Doktor Snake’s and Dark Angel’s mentors, will command the Devil to stand down! Satan will be left shaking in his boots!

How it works

Guided by whispers of forgotten lore, I head out to the untamed wilds of Suffolk, England (the region where I live) to a Bronze Age mound, which is situated on a crossing of Ley Lines. I channel this numinous energy into the working to get the results you need.

As Twilight descends I go into visionary trance, spinning off the hypnogogic imagery that shimmers and sparkles before my closed eyes.  From there I embark on an astral journey past strange, ephemeral landscapes, curious humanoid entities, and otherworldly creatures.

It is here I call upon my spirit guides to “help our dear friend in need” and to bestow their powerful energies towards solving your issues, and putting your situation to rights.

With that I close the working and leave an offering of three old British sixpences. As I leave, the Bronze Age mound returns to its serene stillness, concealing the echoes of ancient magic within its heart.

Order Now

Cost: $333.


After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline your request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once conducted, we’ll email you a letter with details of what we did and what you do next.