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spiritual cleansing

Do things seem somehow off?

Are you always dogged by negativity?

Are you carrying baggage from your past?

Do you feel stuck on a dead end street?

Does it seem like you will never find love?

Are you carrying resentment?

Does your soul energy feel stagnant?

Are you lacking direction in life?

Does it feel like your chakras might be out of sync?

Spiritual cleansing workings are used for many and varied reasons: from removing evil voodoo curses and malign witchcraft, to clearing general malaise and getting rid of blocks – along with re-balancing your spiritual energies.

If you believe you’ve been hit with a hex or curse, a spiritual cleansing and reciting Psalms will send the evil work back to the practitioner.

If you are going through difficult times in your life, a spiritual cleansing helps rejuvenate your soul energy. It reconnects you with your inner-self, along with clearing blockages, negativity energy, and mental darkness.

Re-balancing your internal energies is the beginning of your spiritual journey. As a process, it involves shedding the many layers of self, allowing you to emerge anew – and be reborn.

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