With roots in the swamplands of the American South during the days when long-suffering people needed a “helping hand”, our Mojo Hands pull no punches in putting things right and solving the issues you face. Each Mojo Hand is tailored to your case, whether it involves matters of the heart, finances, spiritual cleansing or restoring your luck. To load a Mojo Hand with numinous energy, we go to a place of power, which might be a crossroads, old disused graveyard, or a Bronze Age burial mound – depending on the nature of the working.

Vudu Powerhouse For Gambling Luck Configured to make Lady Luck smile on you when you hit the casino, play lotteries or other games of chance. “It’ll make the dog run outta the house” Acts as your lucky mascot for gambling luck. Artifacts charged during powerful spirit-summoning ritual. From Doktor SnakeFriday, 8:43PM Our Gamblers Companion is […]

Someone not playing ball? Make ’em stand down and submit to your will. It might be family member, an organization, or government department. Could be an acquaintance that’s playing you up and needs to be put in their place. Could be a petty government worker. Or your landlord. You mother or father-in-law. Or somebody else […]

Boosts body/mind life force (Chi) and vitality via ritual channelling the energy matrix of the ancient Bronze Age landscape. Harnesses the secrets of archaic magicians who understood the power of earth energies – harnessing them via interconnected places of power, such as stone circles, mounds and earthworks, rivers and lakes. Revitalizes your internal energy centers […]

Low on cash? Life a struggle? Can’t pay your bills? Creditors at your door? Living pay check to pay check? Can’t seem to make ends meet? Wanna help others? Have enough to assist family, friends, or those on their uppers or homeless? BOTTOM LINE: Getting money is NOT about hard grind and working all hours […]

Has your lover or spouse left you? Is it hard, or even utterly heart-rending, to live without them? Do you want them to come running back, begging for forgiveness? Do you want passion and the fires of love restored? All this, and more, is possible with the power of Vudu. Your ex can come running […]

Want to bring love into your life? Is somebody proving hard to get and you need to move things forwards? Want to find your soulmate? Or bring your twin-flame to you? Sometimes you find yourself alone and dearly want to attract love. You yearn for a lasting relationship based on true love and commitment. Bottom […]

Featuring Granny Sumlin’s “Sway The Judge” Formula… Need to get off a bad rap? Nothing seems to be working? Situation doesn’t look good? Looking at prison time? Loss of reputation? Total wipe out? Whether it’s you, or a loved one, up in court, this could be EXACTLY what you need. It includes Granny Sumlin’s “Sway […]

Is a wrongdoer causing you (or a family member) grief? Are they holding you back? Do you need to get them out of your life? Make it so they NEVER come back? This is what our Get The Hell Out Mojo does. It removes troublemakers and malefactors from your life. It sees them off big […]

Need deliverance from evil? Does your home feel different cold and unwelcoming? Do you feel a presence? Nightmares? YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN HEXED! Nefarious spiritual forces come in many forms. Spirits may be assailing you, even trying to enter your body or possess you. Demons might have entered your dwelling place unleashing their hellish intent […]

Is a neighbor causing you hell? Are they noisy or throwing parties all the time? Always causing trouble and strife? IT’S TIME TO SEE THE BACK OF THEM! Bad neighbors are a bane to the peaceful and harmonious enjoyment of your home life. Essentially they are inconsiderate and typically don’t care about how much disruption […]

Is your employer or supervisor a bully? Are they holding you back from bettering yourself? Do they show a total lack of consideration? IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR OWN BACK! If your boss or supervisor is a bully and treats you like dirt, it makes your work life miserable. Your job takes up a good […]

Need a better paying job? Want promotion in your current position? Need a better salary? IT’S TIME TO GET THE VUDU EDGE! Times are hard right now. The economy is fragile. Employers are feeling the pinch. A lot of times they aren’t hiring. Competition is fierce for the jobs that are out there. You can […]