Mother Chergrave’s Candlemas Charm: Increase, Positivity & Better Things To Come – Old Time Witchcraft Magick

This is an all-round “powerhouse” of a magickal charm that is all about increase. Candlemas, or “Imbolc” in the ancient Celtic calendar, marks the first signs of spring when everything starts to grow again and the daylight hours begin to lengthen.

Therefore, in terms of sympathetic magick, this charm is about setting you on the right path towards growth and abundance. You can see this in terms of more money, improved romance and love life, increasing wealth via business. Or indeed, anything in your life that needs to grow in a positive fashion.

It’s essentially old time witchcraft magick…

To create the charm and load it with power, I call upon the spirit of a 19th century witch called Mother Chergrave from a small village in Norfolk, England. She dispensed charms and talismans to the local populace, along with telling fortunes. Not only did she claim to be in league with Satan, Mother Chergrave also had a number of familiar spirits. These were “imps” which she kept in a wooden box. These creatures were the size of rats, but with the appearance of human beings with bat’s wings.

One of Mother Chergrave’s most popular charms involved revealing the name of the man a young woman would marry. The price for this charm was somewhat stiff, however, and involved the client giving up one year of their life. The charm came in the form of a verse, which began in the following way:

“To gain a husband, name known or unknown,
Make your choice on a graveyard stone…”

The verse went on to instruct the user to form “crosses” out of roses for the divination process. If it proved successful the verse made clear that one year of the user’s life would be given to the dead. Most likely any young woman who bought this charm from Mother Chergrave would have gone to Loddon Church (see picture below) to follow through the instructions given in the verse.

Loddon Church

Anyway, I decided to create a magical charm for increase and abundance calling upon the spirit of Mother Chergrave at one of her “haunts” close to Loddon Church. This involves the making of some old-time witchcraft dolls (like those in the picture at the top of this page) and charging them with numinous energy so they will help fulfill your given requirements. These stick dolls, along with a number of other magical items, are placed inside a drawstring pouch, which constitutes the charm itself.

After I’m finished, I’ll leave an offering of rum and flowers in the churchyard at Loddon, where Mother Chergrave worked much of her witchcraft.

I have conjured up Mother Chergrave’s spirit on a number of occasions for myself, in my own magical work. So I know from personal experience that this is a powerful way to create a charm that works and brings results.

Please bear in mind that this is a limited edition and I will be performing the ritual on the night of February 1st/2nd, this year, at Candlemas, or Imbolc, as it is called in the Celtic calendar. This is the time of the “waxing” or “quickening” of the year and is a very powerful time to perform workings of increase or attraction.

Above all, this is a powerful way to empower yourself as Candlemas marks the beginning of the solar cycle and the waxing of the year. And what with the spirit of Mother Chergrave involved, it is the kind of charm that has real, inherent power to help you achieve your given aims in life.

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All-round “powerhouse” charm for increase and abundance.

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Doktor Snake performs the ritual on the night of February 1st/2nd). Shortly after that, the items are sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how the ritual was performed, plus simple instructions on what to do next.

The full story of Mother Chergrave and her work can be found in a book called Bogie Tales of East Anglia  by Margaret Helen James (1859-1938), the sister of horror writer M.R. James. Long out of print, a new edition of the book has been compiled by Francis Young and can her found here. Or read my story, The Satanic Witch Of Loddon.