New Year 2022: Luck, Money, Prosperity – Lucky Seven Gris-Gris & Lucky Cat MegaBlast Ritual

Egyptian Cat Snake Wand

There is no certainty about 2022…

Things could be okay; or they might not be…

All hell could break loose…

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One thing is for sure, in the aftermath of the pandemic (presuming it ever ends) we’re going to have to pay for the HUGE amounts of money spent and wasted. This could lead to a major financial crash, rampant inflation and collapse. Society itself is in disarray, competing factions are at each others’ throats. All out turmoil is just a kiss away…

All we can say for sure is the dogs of doom are howling. Whether the hounds of hell will reach heaven’s traces (to paraphrase the poet Swinburne), we just don’t know…

All ways round, there’s a compelling case for protecting yourself on every level – to get through 2022 intact and afloat.

Above and beyond that, you need something in your armory to ensure that you get good luck, money and prosperity throughout the New Year. So you thrive despite the precarious state of the economy and society itself.

This year we’re offering two choices for good fortune in 2022: A Lucky Seven Gris-Gris ($175) and Lucky Cat MegaBlast Ritual ($1,000). That way we can cover all pocket books. We’re in an emergency situation. Nobody can be left behind.

Lucky Seven Gris-Gris

Charged on New Year’s Eve by Dark Angel and I via video-link at our shrines in our respective countries. DA fixes up the arcane herbs and roots that go inside your Gris Gris, according to an old recipe for luck given to her by “Granny Sumlin”, her rootworker grandmother, who taught her the secrets of the Swamp Voodoo tradition.

Bottom line: This isn’t a full blown spellworking. But it’s a powerful way of keeping the dogs of doom away throughout the upcoming and highly precarious New Year. It’s your protector that will keep you lucky.

We’ll mail your Lucky Seven Gris-Gris as soon as the Post Office is open again in the New Year, along with a letter outlining what we did and what you do next.

Cost $175.00. No Shipping Fees.


Lucky Cat MegaBlast Ritual

This is all-out power. It will hurl the hounds of darkness back down into hell. It’s based on Egyptian magick, which my Voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe taught me back in the day. He picked it up when he was in the merchant navy as a young man, after leaving his home in Trinidad. On a visit to Egypt he became involved with a secretive group that followed “The Way of the Whispering Winds of God.” It was them that schooled him in the secrets of Egyptian magic – and in what is left of the ancient technologies that culture had harnessed (likely having picked them up from those fleeing Atlantis after the cataclysmic deluge).

Needless to say, this is a seriously powerful ritual that will bring you money, good luck, and prosperity throughout 2022 – regardless of the untold chaos that is likely to erupt in the coming year.

With Dark Angel connected via video-link, clutching my Snake Walking Cane (in reality a form of wand), I go the Cleopatra’s Needle by the River Thames in London to call down the ancient gods of the Egyptian pantheon, petitioning them to bring “our dear friend” ultimate personal power to successfully navigate these troubled times. Being in Central London on the Embankment I keep the ritual very subtle so as not to draw the attention of any “normies” out for an evening walk.

The ritual focuses on charging the figurine of an Egyptian Cat… this is your Lucky Cat, which we send to you, along with a letter detailing the ritual we did, and what you do next. Basically, once the ritual is done, and the ancient energies have animated it, you will be able to ask your Lucky Cat for its blessings. Simply tell it what you need and it will do its utmost to provide. You can literally talk to your Lucky Cat… no, it’s not crazy – this works!

Alongside your Lucky Cat we send you out a mojo bag with Prosperity Powder, specially made up by Dark Angel. In times of need you sprinkle a little around your home and in your car. This will encourage financial luck to come your way and keep you protected at the same time.

We’ll mail your Lucky Cat and Prosperity Powder as soon as the Post Office is open again in the New Year, along with details of what we did and what you do.

Cost $1,000. No Shipping Fees.