New Year 2023: Lucky Sun Ray Sigil & Baal Stone Ritual

new year 2022 lucky sun ray baal stone

Attract and maintain good fortune throughout the coming year…

Two options

Sun Ray Sigil

To bring you good fortune throughout 2023. First I create a Sun Ray Sigil that incorporates your name and date-of-birth. Then around noon on New Year’s Eve I go into visionary trance and draw down “plasma” energies from the Sun to charge your sigil with PSI-power.

Your Sun Ray Sigil will be sent to you via email (with instructions) on New Year’s Day.

Cost: $250 USD.


Baal Stone Ritual

Geared to ensure good fortune and achieve your goals throughout 2023. Along with being in the right place at the right time, sealing deals, and drawing extra (even unexpected) abundance your way.

In the county of Suffolk where I live is a unique bolder situated on a narrow lane not far from the village of Whepstead. It’s called the Baal Stone. Local folklore has it that this stone was a sacrificial altar in the distant past – much like the altar stone of Stonehenge, though a lot smaller. The groove on top of the stone is said to have been the channel for the blood to flow away.

Be that as it may, the stone is certainly old, dating from the glacial period. Some say it is merely a waymarker, but there is no hole to accommodate a shaft, unless this is underneath the stone.

Going by the folklore surrounding the Baal Stone, it very likely formed part of the magico-religious ceremonies of Britons long ago, and probably carried on into historical times, but without the sacrificial practices. In later times these became symbolic, such as the chosen “sacrificial victim” (typically picked by lots) having to jump over a small bonfire three or nine times.

I ascertained more information about the Baal Stone using my pendulum…

Holding it over the stone it literally spun crazily on a horizontal axis, very much suggesting this is a stone of power, one with roots in the ancient past.

I also received “flash insight” visions of a small wooden henge in the area with the Baal Stone at its center. Various figures in animal skins formed a circle around the stone. One, no doubt the priest of the assembly, held a staff and was intoning incantations in a tongue I couldn’t recognize.

The scene then seemed to move to more modern times, perhaps four or five hundred years ago. A group of people were dancing around the stone, and a large bonfire burned not far away.

Accordingly, I decided to fix up a working for luck in the coming New Year at the site of the Baal Stone (which also happens to fall on a ley line)…

This working involves evoking Baal, originally an ancient god of the Middle East. The name Baal at that time meant “lord” or “master”, and was used to refer to a number of gods, often solar and storm deities.

With the advent for Christianity, Baal was transformed into a demon (as happened with most of the old gods) famously found in the medieval Ars Goetia manuscript.

Moving to British folklore, Baal appears in rites performed in rural areas all over the Britain. For example, in Scotland, in the 18th century, mock sacrificial rituals were performed to Baal to bring fertility, good fortune and abundance.

How this ritual works

When I located the Baal Stone using Ordance Survey maps, I knew I would be able to harness real power that could be psychically transferred to a talisman – in this case a small stone.

I will locate the stone in visionary trance from the area close to the Baal Stone, while uttering incantations to Baal himself, petitioning him to bring you an abundance of good luck through 2023.

During these incantations, I psychically transfer power from the Baal Stone, drawing it via “mind beams”, spinning it in my body, and sending it into the stone. This power is known in Chinese mysticism as “chi” and was dubbed “orgone” by the scientist Wilhelm Reich. Nowadays, far edge science calls it “plasma.”

When encased in a talisman, this plasma energy creates what you might call a living, breathing object of power – one that you can literally talk to (internally or outloud) and put forward your wishes or goals you wish to achieve during the New Year.

I will be conducting the above ritual after sunset on New Years Eve… Due to time constraints I can only perform twelve of these rituals. If this working is of interest to you, it would be wise to get in early.

Baal Stone Ritual

Your “Baal Stone” comes in a spellbag, which will also include other items of power collected from the area – along with a letter of instructions. I then mail your Baal Stone spellbag to you once post offices are open again in the New Year.

Cost: $600 USD.


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