Nightside Spirit Sigils: Break The Chains Of The Past & Be Reborn

nightside sigils

When the warp and weft of fate is cast, Nightside Spirit Sigils break the chains of your past, allowing you to move forwards.

The patterns of your life are set when you are young. Events and situations can cast an indelible footprint on you, setting your fate for the rest of your life. You find yourself repeating mistakes, over and over again, wondering why your life is like the movie Groundhog Day.

Relationships, money, friendships, your whole situation if life, is predetermined by your past. And if there are elements in your early life that were not good, or were really bad, it’s very hard to break the impact these events had on you.

As a result, you may have done things that you regretted and can’t even fathom why you did them.

This is because your fate was set by things that happened to you in your childhood or teenage years, some of which may have been traumatic. You are enchained by your past. And thus repeat behaviors in the present that resulted from these events.

This doesn’t mean your fate is set in stone…

It might appear that way. But your destiny in life can be re-scripted – at least up to a point. You can reinvent your past. If done in the right way, this will change your life for the better, both in the present and future.

So how do you do it?

Well, it’s highly advanced magick and not the kind of thing you find in spellbooks. It literally involves reliving your past, even traumatic events, but re-scripting them so the memory is changed and it becomes a positive experience. The process is almost like being reborn.

You can do it like a visionary journey…

This would be done in a special kind of trance state, very much like a lucid dream. In some cases, you may have a partner and they take on the role of becoming the “new memory.” This would likely involve dramatic role play, be it in an intimate relationship or a close friendship.

You can also use sigil magick, along the lines of the Nightside Spirit Sigils pictured above.

This is not something that should be done lightly as it could go seriously awry. That said, if it’s done right, your life can be totally transformed for the better.

It’s a way of realigning your fate…

Once done, your life will be subtly changed. You will no longer keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Relationships will likely be more fulfilling and you will attract the right partners for you, rather than the wrong ones. Even your money situation should improve. At very least, your level of happiness will be higher.

When you cast off the past in this way, a whole host of options and opportunities in life tend to appear. Most importantly, you will be far more content with your lot. You will feel more at one with yourself, and no longer will feel the need to strive all the time, unless you choose to.

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