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Doktor Snake is author of the world’s #1 bestselling book on Voodoo. Seller of over 20,000 certified Voodoo spellworkings since 1999. Globally acknowledged authority on Voodoo and the occult.

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Above is Dark Angel making her Demon Dolls, which serve as clay effigies for the powers of one or other of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia grimoire.

Appreciation from CEO Boobie. You can find Boobie’s health supplements at AlkalineLevelUpPowder and on Instagram.

Mary from the USA talking about how an exorcism to remove demons helped save her marriage…

Voodoo Magic & Spells Blog

“You don’t wanna mess with Death Powder,” said my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, one time. “It’s a secret swamp voodoo recipe – the napalm of hoodoo.” Earl recommended only using Death Powder in extreme circumstances. When there’s no other way. Death Powder is a distillation of ingredients: Roots collected in the wilds at the dark […]

Her husband had run off with another woman and she was distraught, but a Voodoo card reading and a powerful mind power technique returned her husband and restored the relationship. I did a card reading – using my swamp Voodoo deck – for a client called Maxine. Her husband had run off with a younger […]

Evil Eye: Just One Look Can Kill You

Beware the Evil Eye – at best it will destroy your luck, at worst it can put you six foot under… A young woman I know called Kate came to me saying she’d had an explosive row with a friend. “Oh god, she took off,” she said. “And I hadn’t done anything. But if looks […]

One of the associates of my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) was a guy called Sherpa Jay, whose specialization was death curses… Earl didn’t like him much and said of him: “Sherpa J was one of the nastiest, most dishonorable people you could ever have the misfortune to meet.” Sherpa Jay worked out of […]

In episode 5 of Voodoo On Crack, we relate a story from 1967 in which three baby girls were born on Friday 13th in Florida, and how the midwife told the parents they were all hexed and would die at the ages of 16, 21, and 23. Lo and behold they all died at these […]

In this episode, Doktor Snake claims Donald Trump is a time traveler… while Dark Angel tries to figure out whether he’s being serious or not. DA highlights a readers’ email who has allegedly seen ghosts in his home. Doc goes into the various theories surrounding such phenomena, including evidence that the walls of houses can […]

This episode, Doktor Snake relates how he saw a weird creature out in the woods, insisting he had been drinking regular tea, not magic mushroom tea. Dark Angel reads the best from our inbox this week, including a haunted home, alien abduction and someone wanting a voodoo spell to get sex with loads of women. […]

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How To Deal With Annoying People

When people make your irate or indignant, it’s not them that do it. It’s you! In this podcast I give your the tools you need to stay calm with people that wind you up. You’ll be able to deal with situations a lot better and you’ll feel great despite people being hellishly irritating.

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