Get through difficult times and get on the up with this powerful occult charm, charged by graveyard spirits to increase your personal power.

In our current uncertain world, you cannot predict what the next few months will bring. Not even what will transpire in the next few days. You don’t know if you’ll even have a job or whether you will be laid off. You don’t know whether your business will be taken out by an economic downturn.

You don’t know that your relationship will hold true. It might seem solid. But you can’t be sure what will happen in the future. You don’t know that your friends will stick by you. People can prove fair-weather friends, especially during difficult times.

Nothing is certain.

We have no choice but to ride it. We have to carry on, come what may. But we need to do this with confidence. We need to be certain that, no matter what happens, we can ride the tides and make the most of any opportunities that present themselves to us.

We need to have inner-strength and most importantly, personal power.

So how do we gain personal power?

Part of it involves thinking with purpose and not wasting your precious time in this world worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. You need to focus your mind. Besides that, you can carry or wear a talisman spiritually charged to keep you mind/body system balanced and protected, and to increase your innate personal power.

This is what my Personal Power Charm does. You wear it on your wrist and it will direct you where you need to go. It will also keep you protected in difficult times. When things feel uncertain, it will help you feel strong and make the right decisions in life.

What’s more it’s charged by powerful spirits…

This is where the charm’s power comes from. What I do is this: I go to an old, disused country graveyard after sunset. While in trance, I conjure up the graveyard spirits, in particular the Black Raven, which is one of the “black animals” (in this case a bird) that manifest when you perform certain arcane incantations.

Leaving offerings for the Black Raven I cajole this somewhat recalcitrant spirit to imbue the charm (a bird skull) with its numinous powers, which will bring personal power and protection to you.

“I ordered a personal power charm from Doktor Snake and it helped fix years of family troubles I was having in my life. It also helped cure my depression and gave me a major boost of energy throughout the day. The talisman also helped protect me and really fixed bad situations around me in my life. I am so grateful and Dr. Snakes work really did make a difference in my life! Thanks again!” Misha Haynie

personal power charm
Personal Power Charm

I also sprinkle a few drops of Four Thieves Vinegar on the charm to bring protection against all manner of both real world and spiritual threats that can assail you.

All in all, this charm serves as a powerful addition to any self improvement work you are doing to increase your inner resolve and personal power. It will be your bedrock that brings you confidence that you can ride the tides of fate, no matter what it deals out to you.

In short, you will be making sure that, whatever hand is dealt out, you will turn it to your favor. Come what may, you will be master of your mental ship and will be at the helm, no matter what happens in life.

Personal Power Charm

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