personal power charm

Get through these difficult times, get on the up, and pump up your pep, with this powerful occult charm, charged by Dark Angel and I to increase your personal power. It also brings balance to both you and the environment you live in.

With me connected by video link, Dark Angel goes to a place called “Sun Hill”, a high place out in the country in Mississippi where she lives. There she focuses on the sprawling sky to draw down orgone energy into the charm (handmade by DA)… while I intone the chant of Lord Sol to seal those life force energies into the charm itself.

Personal Power Charm (length approx 17cm)

What is personal power?

Part of it involves thinking with purpose, being decisive and not wasting your precious time in this world worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. You need to focus your mind positively. Besides that, you can carry or wear a charm spiritually charged to keep your mind/body system balanced and to draw positive energies – which is exactly what our Personal Power Charm is designed to do.

You can hang it in your home or car, or carry it in your pocket or bag. It will help you feel strong and in control.

“I ordered a personal power charm from Doktor Snake and it helped fix years of family troubles I was having in my life. It also helped cure my depression and gave me a major boost of energy throughout the day. The charm also helped protect me and really fixed bad situations around me in my life. I am so grateful and Dr. Snakes work really did make a difference in my life! Thanks again!” Misha Haynie

Cost: $145. (Free P&P). Please allow seven to ten days for your item to be delivered via tracked & signed postal mail.